• Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Style and upgrades in Citreon Picasso


Did you remember the old Citreon of yester years that is a must-have among the affluent in the society? Many years down the line, that brand is still very much in the news and would continue to ring bell in many years to come, as long the legendary automaker is not calling it quits within the automotive circles.

Today, there are not many sexy multi-purpose vehicles out there and this is the one segment where functions tend to override form. When you hop into the 2014 Citreon C4 Picasso, you would experience a really very brave and concerted attempt by the French maker to spice up what has been regarded for a long time- a rather dull category.

But for the current edition, be re-assured. This car is far from boring. It is oozing freshness, typically French and also quirky. Inside, the interior is airy and very spacious, making occupants feel as if they are in a glass house.

However,it is the exterior that will set tongues wagging. The front end with squinting LED daytime running lights boasts a futuristic theme, extending all the way to the rear, where intricate LEDs give a 3D effect whenever and wherever the brakes are applied.

On the road, it is definitely not a sprinter and accelerates from 0-100km/h in 11.8 seconds, which is comparatively not bad especially considering the fact the fact that it is propelled by a 1.6-liter,turbo diesel. And in terms of carbon emission rating, only 105g/km and a frugal fuel consumption figure 4-liter /100kilometer is achieved.

While one may expect the drive to be somewhat saggy, this may not be the case. The suspension is a tad on the stiff side, but the advantage is that it handles well on sharp corners and bends. Talking of bends, it is predictable going around curves, provided it is driven at reasonable speeds.

A first time encounter with the this sleeky looking Citroen C4 Picasso appear satisfying to the owner. It looks as futuristic as a transformer movie, yet it is practically real. The moment you turn on the ignition and two screens in the centre of the dashboard comes alive.

The lower display is a 7 inch touch screen, packed with controls for satellite navigation, dual-size climate controls and audio system. The other screen is a 12inch information hub with displays for all other essential information, such as the speed monitor and fuel gauges. Those who want a personal touch can upload their favourite images as screensavers.

There is a also a host of other exciting features like the programmable cruise control, electronic handbrake will hill start assist and “find my car”, which illuminates the vehicle’s interior. And flashes warning lights. While none of these are exclusive technologies, the catch is that they come standard on the Citroen Picasso (including the front park assist).

But if you want all the belts and whistles, you can get the optimum derivative “intensive” which also comes standard with comprehensive park assist. 17 inch Anaconda alloys wheels, front LED indicators, a detachable boot torchlight and mood lighting features.

Also available is the retractable side window, blind s and more that will be delight prospective buyers.  The other derivative is “Seduction” which is not as comprehensive, but ticks all the right boxes for a stylish multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) such as this Citroen Picasso.