• Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Nigerian Idol top eight contestants announced


Another Sunday night, and another fantastic episode of the smash reality television show, Nigerian Idol. The show sheds two contestants every week, and last week saw Joe Emmal and Amara join Vicci and Immaculate Victoria as this season’s former contestants. On this show, the contestants took on golden oldies and modern classics from the greatest groups of all time, and it looks like it was a two-horse race, with Moses and Abasiakan (strangely enough, the two guys with the most feminine vocal ranges) leaving the other contestants eating their dust.

Abasiakan got one of the strongest reviews of the night when he tried on Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes’ classic, ‘If You Don’t Know Me by Now.’ Sasha told him, “You seemed to enjoy your performance and I connected with it.” Femi Kuti was equally effusive, telling him, “You have range and your tuning is perfect.”

Moses sang ‘She Will be Loved’ by Maroon 5, and had the crowd roaring with approval. After a rough night the week before, he staged a comeback and the crowd and the judges were duly impressed. Sasha told him, “For the first time this evening, I have no ‘but’.” And Jeffrey Daniel, was also full of praise, saying, “You take us on a journey every time you sing!”

The other contestants got mostly the equivalent of “maybe” from the judges, so it is hard to see who can break out and join these two leading men in the finale. But, we have until April to see who can make it – it still could be anybody’s race.