• Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Men need accessories too


Before you get your moustache in a twist, allow me to explain a little. Accessory does not actually mean what you think.

An accessory is something that can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile or attractive. I am sure when you hear the word accessories you may quickly associate it with your female counterparts, but contrary to popular notion, men wear accessories too.  Just think about it, “a thing that can be added…”

Men regularly add things to their outfits to make them look more “attractive”, whether they realise it or not. Any extra garnish that you may throw on or pick up as you head out of the door may be considered an accessory to top off your look. Glasses, hats, watches, cuff links…they are all men’s accessories.

The formal wedding, with its tradition and set ways sometimes do not allow for much originality in menswear. This does not have to be the case. The subtle accessories available can make all the difference and give the style, edge and class that every groom, best man, usher, or guest is looking for.

Men’s wedding accessories are ideal choices for gifts, and perfect items to give the groom his uniqueness; the guests a flare of originality and the best man the recognition he deserves. With brands gaining appreciation for their fantastic designs and individual styles, men can finally add that shine, colour and freedom that have been missing from their formal dress styling for decades.

Charles Chizaram, speaking as a skinny black dude with spiky hair and stubble, says: “I am trying to figure out how to break the day-to-day pattern of ‘T-shirt and jeans. What you can add to my outfit to show more really depends on what you are into. Necklaces and rings are always options, since they are made in numerous styles.

If you need glasses, you could find a pair that suit you and reflect your style. There are also bracelets… solid metal bands or chain metal for that “fancier” look, plain or studded/spiked leather for the punk/goth/metal look; brightly coloured plastic for the raver look; and organic (like hemp) for the hippy look. You can also add buttons to your shirt or jacket that reflect your tastes, whether musical, political, or whatever.

Since we are in the season where fashion is really displayed, people are more prone to pile on the little extras. The key is having the best accessories available to choose from in order to always look your best. For men, there are a few necessities that will elevate your sense of style. These include: a scarf, tie bar, watch and pocket square.

These little additions will make a lot of difference. The way you choose to wear them is essential as well. There are a variety of hats to choose from and your choice of head gear expresses your sense of style.

The most classic hats include the driving cap, newsboy cap, trilby hat, beanie and porkie hat. Some famous men, present and historical, have donned these types of hats noting their personal style. The versatility of these hats allows them to be dressed up or worn casually.

When it comes to style, you must realise that metals matter. This is where tie bars and watches enter the picture. These trinkets, if chosen carefully, will heighten your style. There are things that must be considered, such as size, and regardless of what you may have heard, it does matter.

Keep in mind the size of your wrist when choosing a watch because the face should be proportionate to it. Bigger is not always better. Leather and metal are classic band choices, and easily interchangeable with different looks; rubber is typically more sporty.

As with watches, you should be mindful of the size of your tie bar as well, both the length and width should be taken into consideration. Remember, not too wide and not too long.  Think of it like a moustache, you do not want it to be too overbearing or it will be the centre of attention.

Also, your pocket square (most commonly known as the handkerchief) needs a little attention. This accessory in itself says that you are conscious of your personal style and wants everyone else to be aware of it as well.

Complimenting your look is the main objective and this can be attained by using different colour shades and patterns that appeal to your ensemble. The same rule applies for scarves. They are not only for the purpose of keeping warm.

Wearing jeans, a v-neck tee shirt, blazer (with a pocket square), and a scarf is a simple yet stylish outfit choice; a hat is always optional. The choice of hat depends on your choice of footwear, because we all know shoes determine the look.

Knowing how to incorporate accessories into your wardrobe will always allow you to be stylish. If adding something extra makes you that much more attractive why not do it?  Gents like attention as well. So accept the fact that guys need accessories too.