• Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Mac or PC, which is the best buy?


One of the most controversial topics when talking about computers is about which is better between Mac and PC. If you were to wade into the middle of any large technology conference and shout out “Macs are whack” or “Apple rules! Or Microsoft stinks!” You could definitely start a riot. The conflict between Apple supporters and Windows fans has raged on corporate offices, school campuses, social networks and Internet message boards for a very long time, its not a novel issue anymore. But it is a discussion that invites flame wars anytime it springs up.

While the term PC stands for personal computer and could apply to Macs, Windows machines and computers running other operating systems alike, I am using it in the common vernacular as shorthand for a Windows machine.

In this article, I will be highlighting and making some comparison between Apple Macintosh computers and computers (PC) running Microsoft Windows in a bid to assist and educate users looking to buy a new computer. Comparison is definitely not about declaring the best amongst the two. While buying a computer, what will work best for you should be the main priority, hence the need for these few pointers.

So read on, as I highlight differences between Macs and PCs. Hope it will assist and make your choice easier.

Operating System (OS)

The Apple Macintosh operating system is a much cleaner and stable operating system than all versions of Microsoft Windows.

Although Microsoft has improved its operating system with Windows 8.1, many PC manufacturers still bundle crapware with their computers. These extra software and drivers from dozens of manufacturers, makes the Windows operating system less stable.


Although many may argue you get what you pay for, when compared to a PC an Apple computer, the computer, its peripherals, upgrades, and repairs are almost always more than a PC.

The vast majority of PC computers and their peripherals today are much cheaper and affordable when compared to a new Apple Macintosh computer.

Boot time

The boot time on an Apple Macintosh can be a lot less when compared to a Windows computer.

The fact that PC computers have an operating system that is designed by Microsoft and hardware that is designed by dozens of different companies, makes it so. Based on this  and other factors the boot time can be greater or longer than a Mac. But this is one feature that is fast changing because with the newest version of Windows and hardware, the PC can boot just as fast as a Mac or very close.


When compared to a PC an Apple Macintosh has fewer options for customisation. For some users, this might make the Mac pc a bit boring.

PC computers are available in almost any imaginable configuration, colour, size and much more. If you can think of something that is not available, it is likely someone could still build it for you on order.


Apple develops much of their hardware and drivers and that is a plus to the system. Because of this fact, encountering driver related issues is less likely, in fact rare in some occasions.

PC computers use hardware from dozens of manufacturers and employ dozens of different drivers too. Therefore, it is more likely to encounter driver issues. However, with the latest version of Windows, Microsoft have resolved many of the driver issues that plagued its previous versions.


Although many (but not all) game developers release games for both the Mac and PC most of them still release their games and updates to the PC first. In some cases, you may have to wait years for a game to be released on a Mac.

The PC is king when it comes to games and online gaming. All major computer games are released for the PC first. In addition, PC users have the option of running higher performance video cards and getting the absolute best performance from their games.


When compared to any PC running Microsoft Windows all Apple Macintosh computers are much more secure and less vulnerable to viruses and other malware.

Most people today are using computers running some version of Microsoft Windows, which makes it a much better target for attacks.


Although the available software options for an Apple computer are increasing it’s nothing when compared to the software available for Windows computers. However, with Boot Camp an Apple user could still run Windows and many of its programs.

More people are using and developing for PC computers running Microsoft Windows, which helps give it a much larger selection. In addition, there is an almost endless supply of 100 percent free programs, and for any program that does come out on the PC and the MAC, the PC version is often released first.


The Apple Macintosh computers are often built with a lot better materials when compared with most PC computers.

To help keep the overall costs low some PC manufacturers build their computers from plastics and other cheaper materials when compared to a Mac. However, there are also PC manufacturers who meet and sometimes exceed the quality of Apple computers and Apple still does use plastic in some of its products.


Although many of the most commonly upgraded parts in a Macintosh can be upgraded, not everything is upgradable like the PC. In addition, parts that can be upgraded are usually much more expensive.

Pretty much every part within a computer can be upgraded in almost all PC computers. In addition because of openness and competition between hardware vendors, parts are also often cheap and first available for the PC. Finally, if you plan on building your own computer the PC is the only way to go.


Many of the new MacBooks and other Apple products are starting to use glue to hold components inside the computer in place. This can make the computers extremely difficult and expensive to repair.

Chima Michael Oleru