Spotify CEO not giving up on buying Arsenal

Swedish billionaire and CEO of Spotify, Daniel Ek, is not giving up on his plans to acquire Arsenal football club.

Daniel Ek has increased his bid to more than £2billion following his unsuccessful opening offer of £1.8bn last month.

The billionaire had his £1.8bn proposal turned down by the American family last month after insisting they ‘don’t need the money’.

But according to the Daily Mail, Ek will return with a second offer where he will put close to an extra £300m on the table.

The 38-year-old publicly spoke of his desire to take control of his beloved side after fan protests aimed towards the Kroenke’s in April.

He subsequently teamed up with Invincibles Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira and Dennis Bergkamp in his bid to become owner.

Kroenke Sports Entertainment have insisted they have no intention of letting the club go despite the fan fury, though it remains to be seen whether they will be temped by Ek’s incoming offer.

Gunners legend Vieira begged Kroenke to sell up last month as he declared that they are going nowhere.

The Frenchman, 44, told the ITV Football Show Podcast: “In the last couple of years I believe that the club didn’t take the right direction.

“And I think it is time for change. If the change doesn’t happen, I believe that Arsenal will be in a difficult position.

“We can only make a judgement from outside. We watch every single Arsenal game and it is difficult to recognise the club that we used to play for.

The US owners, led by Stan Kroenke, 73, who assumed full control in 2018, are very unpopular with large sections of the club’s support.

Kroenke’s son, Josh, is a director at the club and a key figure in day-to-day-operations.

Ek says he has been an Arsenal fan since the age of eight.

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