• Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Francis Ngannou will to shock the world again against Anthony Joshua – Dewey Cooper


Ahead of the non-title fight between former WBA heavyweight world champion Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou, on March 8 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Dewey Cooper, former kickboxer and the trainer of Francis for the rumble fight in Riyadh in an Exclusive Interview with BusinessDay’s ANTHONY NLEBEM speaks on the strategy and the training plans ahead of the bout. Except

As Francis Ngannou the trainer, what is his training routine like in preparation for Anthony Joshua’s fight?

The training camp has been great, we are in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia training and Francis looks fantastic, we have love for our African brethren, but Anthony Joshua will fall on March 8.

How is Francis Ngannou prepared for the fight against Anthony Joshua considering that he is older than Anthony Joshua?

Tyson Fury was yelling at Francis Ngannou too, we were very much prepared for this fight, we worked hard. Francis came up in the same mind as Cameroonian. We put the same work ethic into our training camp. We work so hard that if you don’t work hard at the level, you will not be successful. Francis is working extremely hard for this fight and come March 8, it will all show.

What is Francis Ngannou doing differently, his diet and training routines?

That is private information for us and we do not want to reveal this. But I can tell you that Francis is eating clean, training hard and resting well. As I said earlier, it’s going to be a great fight on March 8 between two strong African men, Francis is going to shock the world as he did against Tyson Fury.

Is Francis Ngannou looking forward to having a title fight in future?

The winner of the fight will face the winner of Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk in a title fight. After March 8, the round world title match will be next, so it’s going to happen. Victory for Francis will give him the opportunity for a world heavyweight and undisputed titles and that is the plan for us. Defeat Anthony Joshua and move on to the next step.

What advantage does Francis Ngannou have ahead of the bout?

Anthony Joshua, an Olympic gold medallist, won three fights in 2023, on the upswing in his career right now and that is even good for the fight in Saudi Arabia. Francis, also a former UFC heavyweight champion, stepped into the ring against Tyson Fury in his first boxing fight and took him to the canvas, but the two judges voted against Francis.

Fighting against Anthony Joshua, a former heavyweight champion does not matter to Francis Ngannou, he is the best fighter in the world and is going to show the world again on March 8.

Francis Ngannou and Anthony Joshua are strong punchers, are we likely to see a punch-for-punch fight?

That will happen because we have two big strong athletic muscular men with punch and power. It’s fire vs fire and power vs power. However, at the end of the fight, you will be the hardest puncher. Francis is the hardest puncher on the planet Earth.

Anthony Joshua punches his opponent hard, he knockout powers well too. It’s a very dangerous and exciting fight and that is why the whole world is talking about the fight. But at some point, Francis will be acknowledged as a legitimate boxer, after conquering the UFC MMA and has set a goal to do the same thing in boxing and am sure he will become the new boxing king.

Who would you like Francis Ngannou to fight in the title fight between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk, should he win against Anthony Joshua?

Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury are excellent fighters, but I want to see Francis defeat AJ and Fury beat Usyk, and a rematch for Francis with all the undisputed heavyweight belts in state. The winner takes it all, in one night in a rematch title fight, that is what the world wants to see and will be the most exciting boxing fight for all the belts in the last 25 years of boxing.

You are already in Riyad, what is the atmosphere like in Saudi Arabia ahead of the fight, are the fans excited in anticipation of the fight?

The fans are super excited, when they see Francis, they want to take pictures with him. But right now, we want to lie low and continue to work hard for the fight. The weather in Saudi Arabia is great, world-class VIP treatment for everything we need and want. Saudi Arabia is the most hospitable country and our focus is victory on March 8.

How much is involved in the fight and what is the sharing formula for the two boxers?

Am sure the organisers have a fair pay for both boxers to be happy with when they fight. I am a trainer and don’t get involved in contract talks between Francis and his management team, I am sure he is happy with what he will get.