• Wednesday, December 06, 2023
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Raven Bank launches “Feather Internet Program” to provide free internet for students


Raven Bank has launched a groundbreaking initiative called “The Feather Internet Program” which aims to provide free high-speed internet access on campus for Nigerian students across federal and state institutions.

The launch, which took place at Ignatius Ajuru University (IAUE) in Port Harcourt on Friday, August 4, marks a significant shift in connectivity that is poised to transform the country’s education system.


The genesis of “The Feather Internet Program,” according to Raven Bank, can be traced back to the bank’s fundamental question about how meaningful contributions to the community can be made.

The question “germinated a seed of inspiration that gave rise to a revolutionary idea: a free internet service that would connect students to a limitless world of information, unleash the potential of the next generation, and bridge the educational digital divide,” the digital bank added.

In his welcoming address, Uchenna Nnodim, CEO of Raven Bank, pointed out the pivotal role that internet connectivity plays in educational success.
“The internet plays a key role in succeeding as a student. There is a world of information that can be found on the internet, which keeps you abreast of all the knowledge you need.” Nnodim asserted.

The initiative, according to Nnodim, aims to give at least 400,000 Nigerian students free access to the Internet every day and has been created to have a significant impact on their lives as students.


Reaffirming the profound impact of Feather Internet, Nnodim said the “programme is specifically targeted to have a high-level impact in the lives of Nigerian students,
“It is aimed to give 400,000 Nigerian students access to free internet on a daily basis; this is the maiden launch and just in one location; we intend to extend it to other Universities.

“The essence is to ensure that students have access to the internet for their academic pursuits, for research, and to enable them to have access to any knowledge they have an interest in.”
Meanwhile, the Vice Chancellor of IAUE, Professor Okey Okechukwu, lauded the initiative during his remark and noted the importance of free internet access in enhancing students’ learning experiences.

Professor Okechukwu emphasised that the internet “opens up the global gateway, allowing students to source materials and information online, thereby enhancing their learning experience.”

Additionally, he noted that using the internet empowers students throughout their academic journey and beyond by exposing them to a wide range of life skills in addition to academic enrichment.

The inaugural ceremony also featured a financial literacy workshop led by prominent financial experts. The workshop equipped students with valuable insights into personal finance, including savings, investments, and entrepreneurship.

About Raven Bank:
Raven Bank “Raven” or “RMFB” is a digital bank that provides fast, secure, and reliable financial services to the African people, starting in Nigeria.
The “People’s Bank of Africa—Raven Bank stands at the forefront of innovation, committed to redefining connectivity and education through its visionary Feather Internet Program.

With a resolute dedication to empowering students and bridging the digital divide, Raven Bank envisions a world where technology enriches lives and fuels dreams.
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