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Grenada Citizenship-by-Investment with Range Developments can be your path to global success

Range Developments bring to you this economic citizenship that strengthens your portfolio while providing a range of migration options.

If you are a High-Net-Worth Investor looking to legitimately acquire a second citizenship & passport that allows for international travel in the USA, Europe and the Schengen Area, look no further! Range Developments bring to you this economic citizenship that strengthens your portfolio while providing a range of migration options. What more, these come with visa-free travel freedom and an E-2 visa that gives you the opportunity to set up or buy a business and reside in the USA with your family!

Citizenship-by-Investment (CBI)

Citizenship-By-Investment offers an excellent opportunity to create a secure future by investing in a real estate development project that’s government-approved. CBI helps you obtain second citizenship in a country and find business investment opportunities overseas, with access to safe residing options and best schools in the world for your children. Range Developments is a leading developer of luxury 5-star projects under government-approved CBI programmes. As opposed to other CBI developers who have a questionable track record, Range Developments is the only developer in the Caribbean that can boast of 2 completed projects and a 3rd one underway. Delivering projects par excellence and as promised, Range Developments has achieved what no other developer in the industry could.

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A Peek into Range Developments

Having completed and opened two 5-star luxury resorts that stand way above the industry standards, Range Developments takes pride in being a pioneer in the investment and hospitality industry across the Eastern Caribbean. It was born in 2012, when Mohammed Asaria decided to set up a hospitality firm with the aim to provide unparalleled real estate developments access to investors from around the world. The company’s first project – Park Hyatt St. Kitts (November 2017) was honoured by the CNN as ‘the best new hotel in the Caribbean’ and by Forbes as ‘a grand Caribbean debut’. Its second project – The Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski, Dominica (October 2019) was recognised by Conde Nast Traveller as one of the most anticipated luxury hotel openings. Featuring the best-in-class amenities and luxury services, both the hotel’s inventory are now sold out. Its third and most recent beachside project – Six Senses La Sagesse, Grenada – is set to open in 2022, promising world-class amenities and an unmatched experience.

What Makes Range’s CBI A Reliable Future Investment?

Second citizenship with Range Developments, Grenada, is the best available investment programme for you and your family. The company stands out among its counterparts owing to its highly experienced construction teams, partnership with only the world’s top hospitality brands, use of materials that will withstand the test of time, exceptional design features to attract luxury travellers, a unique trust structure and extensive social responsibility programmes. Range’s trusted CBI programmes with its premium luxury projects are something that cannot be found elsewhere.

With Grenada second citizenship, investors can travel visa-free to 140+ countries including the UK, China, Schengen, Russia and many others. By investing USD 220,000 in an approved project (subject to due diligence checks and minimal government fees), investors can obtain cost-effective Grenada citizenship within a 90-day window and enjoy a stable living/work environment.
The advantages offered by Grenada in this respect are unrivalled. In addition to the real estate investment component, on investing in the Six Senses La Sagesse, Grenada project, you will gain multiple benefits:

• The investor will be entitled to apply for Grenada citizenship, with which additional benefits will come into play. This includes business, security and education benefits for the investors as well as their families, by ensuring profitable business opportunities and access to the best schools in developed countries.

• Citizenship by investment will allow investors and their families to obtain second citizenship much faster. Once the applicant has cleared the due diligence checks, passports will be ready in just 3 to 6 months. With second passports, one can enjoy visa-free global mobility to 140 countries, including Russia, UK, Singapore, EU and China, to name a few.

• Parents, children, spouse, siblings and grandparents can be included in a single citizenship application (subject to certain eligibility conditions).

• The investor will obtain various tax advantages – something especially relevant to affluent individuals today.

• Although there’s a mandatory 5-year investment holding period, post completion of this period, the investor is free to sell his investment share to another person interested in second citizenship. However, the original investor will still continue to maintain his citizenship permanently.

• Another key benefit is the ability to apply for an E-2 visa. When a Grenada citizen further invests in his/her business in the US, he/she is entitled to reside along with their family and do business in the US. This type of E-2 visa application has gained much popularity owing to its mere 6 weeks processing time as opposed to the time consuming EB-5 alternative, the option that is currently not available for Nigerian nationals.
Amongst its regional CBI-providing peers, this advantage is unique to Grenada. The E-2 visa also gives the applicant’s spouse the right to work, and their kids to get world class education in the US. The E-2 visa holders can spend up to 120 days in the USA without being subject to worldwide income taxation.

Range Developments has successfully created more than 2300 jobs, assisted 4000+ individuals with their second citizenships and built some of the world’s finest hospitality properties till date. If you wish to expand your business abroad, and invest in a secure future, the time is now!

A second citizenship is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity for the High-Net-Worth Investor. Investing in the right project that comes with a second citizenship for you and your family can be quite challenging, especially during the ongoing pandemic. With their trusted programmes and an exemplary track record, Range Developments is your go-to option if you are looking for a credible investment partner to get you your second citizenship.

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