• Saturday, December 09, 2023
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Five reasons why anyone in real estate sector must read the 2023 Mixta Africa publication

Beechwood Park by Mixta Africa

Investment in real estate is believed to always be safe and profitable. But the current global economic downturn may question the conventional wisdom.

Scepticism about investing in Nigerian and even the global housing industry could be driven by a sense of political uncertainty, technology trends and economic recession.

Modern real estate development remains in its infancy in Nigeria, regardless of the dots of sophisticated commercial properties and affluent homes in our cities.

The sector is poorly organised, standards are low, and most developers have very little financial and technical capacities but investors and buyers are looking for sophisticated developers and a superior return on investment.

Many of them are also looking for housing that incorporates sustainability features, such as we have continued to advocate at Bilaad. However, only a few developers can match these demands.

These and many other unanswered questions and issues that are addressed in the 2023 Mixta Africa real estate publication.

Mixta Africa, a leading real estate company in Africa recently launched a publication on the real
estate and infrastructure industry in Africa.

Here are key reasons why anyone in the real estate sector should read the publication.

1. The publication gives detailed Intelligence, analyses and insights on the future of real estate, infrastructure, sustainable cities and urban development in Africa. This is an annual publication from the Commercial Strategy team of Mixta Africa

2. The Mixta Africa Publication provides an analysis of 10 African markets, real estate insights and trends underlying the performance of the sector in 2023 as well as how to position your real estate business to leverage the opportunities within the macroenvironment

3. It offers a fresh perspective on how policymakers across Africa can deliver an integrated and well-engineered infrastructure that is both fit for the environment and an enabler of desired

4. The must-read publication explores the A – Z of how to navigate a property purchase transaction and provides a toolkit for assessing a property investment.

5. It spotlights sustainability and green housing in Africa while providing insights on how to design for greater efficiency.

Some key quotes in the publication to keep your ‘taste buds’ yearning for more are:

‘Reports of collapsed buildings in the continent are becoming comparable to flood disasters, earthquakes, and airplane crashes, considering the magnitude of the loss of lives and
destruction of property in different parts of the continent.’

‘Due to growing home prices and limited access to formal housing in urban areas, Tunisia has a very active rental market. Customers are looking for smaller, more affordable dwelling units.’

‘Infrastructure is only sustainable if the service delivered via that infrastructure influences and shapes our interactions with it in a way that moves us all closer to all the Sustainable Development Goals.’

‘Focusing on sectors such as real estate and construction could have created more impact; this is connected to the fact that these sectors have a larger value chain and, therefore, the capacity to create a multiplier effect’

The publication is already getting positive reviews and remarks that has made several investors download the report and recommend it to other investors.