• Wednesday, December 06, 2023
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Deji & Kola joins forces with Anka Africa for a captivating fireside chat during the Lagos Fashion Week

Deji & Kola

Lekki Phase 1, October 26, 2023 — Two renowned brands, Deji & Kola , and Anka Africa, came together in a grand display of fashion and innovation during the much-anticipated Fashion Week. Their collaborative event, a captivating fireside chat, took place on the 26th of October 2023 at the Deji & Kola ’s experience centre at Lekki Phase 1.

This event was not just a gathering of fashion enthusiasts; it was a celebration of African fashion, culture, and boundless creativity. The two brands came together to create a memorable experience that showcased the vibrant world of African fashion.

Deji & Kola Admin Staff

Speaking at the event, Kolapo Olabintan, CEO/Co-Founder, Deji & Kola, asserts that this is the best time for African designers to appeal to international audiences. He says, “in 2022, 13% of our total orders came from international buyers, and the first half of 2023 reveals this figure has risen to an impressive 19%. We are steadfast in our vision to elevate this to 50% by the end of 2025, further bridging cultures through fashion. Another angle towards achieving this purpose is our continuous drive to open physical retail stores internationally. On the 8th of May 2023 we opened our first international store in Calgary, Alberta Canada and before the first quarter of 2024, if all things go as planned another new additional store will be announced. Regardless of this feat, for Deji & Kola as a brand, less than 20% of our input cost depends on FX.

Award presentation to the CEO of Anka Africa

Moulaye Taboure, Co-Founder/CEO of Anka Africa also asserts that Nigeria is Afrikrea’s biggest country both in number of sellers and the average revenue of sellers. The platform has over a thousand Nigerian sellers and thousands of transactions. Anka Africa, known for its role as a beacon for African designers and its ability to connect them with a global audience, has helped to propel African fashion onto the international stage. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to promoting African fashion on a global scale.

Dr Muibi Kehinde Hammed & Mr Kolapo Olabintan

Deji & Kola’s Technological Innovation

Deji & Kola, have harnessed technology and mechanisation to redefine the fashion landscape. They specialise in crafting bespoke suits, shirts, and African traditional attire, reflecting the perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology.

A Journey Beyond Boundaries

The fireside chat was not just a conversation; it was a journey that transcended geographical boundaries. They took journalists and attendees behind the scenes at the production house, offering unique insights into how African fashion has evolved and expanded its horizons far beyond the frontiers of Nigeria.

Deji & Kola Company Tour

Embracing E-commerce for Global Impact

Participants at the event emphasised the transformative force of e-commerce in promoting African fashion. With e-commerce platforms like Afrikrea powered by Anka Africa, designers and brands have found a dynamic channel to reach a global market and showcase their distinct creations to a diverse and worldwide audience.

Joining Forces for Fashion’s Future

In summary, the partnership between Deji & Kola and Anka Africa during Fashion Week was a remarkable testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and the profound impact of African fashion. It symbolises the path toward a future where African fashion continues to shine on the global stage, creating a world where diversity and creativity are celebrated and cherished.