• Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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BNB & SHIB Smashes Records While BlockDAG Announces Mobile Mining App After $50.9 Million Presale


After years of persistence, Binance Coin (BNB) finally soared to a record-breaking $712.59, with forecasts hinting at more growth after a slight correction. At the same time, Shiba Inu’s burn rate has markedly increased, suggesting a bullish future for its market value.

Meanwhile, BlockDAG has revolutionized the concept of mobile mining with its groundbreaking X1 app, turning ordinary smartphones into crypto-generating assets. This innovation has sparked significant investor interest, catapulting the presale to a staggering $49.2 million, with $3.2 million generated from miner sales alone, positioning BlockDAG as a heavyweight in the crypto investment arena.

BNB Reaches New Heights: Will It Climb Higher?

BNB recently hit an unprecedented high of $712.59 after relentless efforts. Although it has experienced a dip since reaching this milestone, the outlook remains bullish. The technical indicators are mixed, with some pointing towards continued buying interest, while others suggest a cooling off.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) stands at 54.12, indicating a neutral position, yet 24-hour data signals overbuying at 79.738. Analysts like Sheldon the Sniper and Kaleo see more upside potential for BNB, fueled by Binance’s ongoing promotional activities and market initiatives. While fluctuations are expected, the prevailing sentiment is optimistic.

SHIB’s Burn Rate Spikes

Shiba Inu’s (SHIB) burn rate has significantly escalated, reducing its total supply and potentially enhancing its value. Shibburn reports that in just the past day, 4,829,147 SHIB were destroyed, accumulating to a whopping 410.7 trillion SHIB removed from its original supply.

This uptick in burning was majorly influenced by one wallet transferring 4.03 million SHIB to a dead wallet, aligning with whale purchases surpassing $35 million in SHIB, which points to a likely price rally. Despite market volatility, SHIB has held steady at a support level of $0.000025, with prospects to rise to $0.00003. Additionally, the Shiba Inu team has alerted users about potential frauds on the Shibarium platform.

BlockDAG Pioneers Sustainable Mobile Mining

BlockDAG’s X1 app is setting new standards in mobile mining, enabling smartphones to mine BDAG coins efficiently. Available in beta on Android and Apple devices, this app incorporates a unique energy-saving algorithm that reduces battery and data consumption, heralding a sustainable future in mobile mining.

The app allows users to mine up to 20 BDAG coins daily, featuring an enticing referral program and daily engagement rewards. It frequently updates and flawlessly integrates proof of engagement into everyday device use, making the mining experience both eco-friendly and lucrative.

Moreover, the recent 49th Development Release introduced critical enhancements to the X1 app, resolving connectivity and data synchronization issues, optimizing performance, and adapting to user feedback for an improved user experience. These updates ensure that mining with the X1 app is not only effective but also tailored to meet user demands and technological progression.


As BNB achieves a new milestone and SHIB’s burn rate indicates a favorable outlook, BlockDAG stands out with its innovative X1 mining app, initiating a new era in mobile cryptocurrency mining.

The significant increase in presale figures confirms BlockDAG as a prime crypto investment opportunity, providing immense potential for early adopters keen on pioneering crypto mining technology.

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