• Tuesday, December 05, 2023
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7 Side hustles you can start with no money

7 Side hustles you can start with no money

Inflation is on the rise and the Federal Reserve keeps raising the interest rates as well. It’s getting harder for most people to maintain their lifestyle because the cost is living is through the roof in most places nowadays. If you’re thinking about starting a side hustle to diversify your income sources, you’re not alone. According to an estimate, around half of Americans have a side hustle that earns them some sort of revenue.

Now is as good a time as any to get started. Ideally, your side hustle be about something you’re already good at or passionate about because it’s easier that way. But if you’re thinking about acquiring a new skill, the internet is a wonderful place where you can equip yourself with all the needed skills. Just make sure that your internet connection is fast and consistent, otherwise, your learning process may be adversely affected.
Consider upgrading to Comcast Xfinity because of its high speeds and unlimited data. Once your internet is sorted, you can get back to acquiring the skills you need so you can get to work sooner. For those of you looking for side hustles that you can start without money, we’ve got you covered. Here are some side hustles you can start without investing any money. Read on to know more.

1. Rideshare driving
While you may not see many ridesharing apps making the headlines, it doesn’t mean their popularity has declined. Lyft and Uber are still two of the most used ridesharing apps in the US, and they still offer a reliable way to earn money for drivers. You can earn up to $100 per day depending on your locality and time spent, but it’s a good way to make passive money regardless.
In addition to the generous sign-up bonus, both Lyft and Uber offer various promotions to make more money driving the peak hours. You can pick your own hours so you can structure these hours to your schedule. Moreover, it’s not necessary to do it full-time, and you can simply pick the nearby people when they’re going the same way as you.

2. Food delivery
If sitting with strangers in a car is not something you’re comfortable with, you can try delivering food. You can either be associated with restaurants and work part-time, or sign on any food delivery apps like DoorDash or Uber Eats that let you pick your own hours. You can try delivering the orders on a bicycle if you prefer delivering in the nearby areas. This way you’ll be able to beat traffic and save big bucks on gas.

3. Tutoring
If you already have a job, chances are, there is something you can do that not everyone can and there would be a market for that skill. You can be a teacher or a librarian or a yoga instructor. You can also tutor people online. Teaching experience is also not necessary for some tutoring jobs like teaching a language. You can teach your native language to foreigners on any online platform and earn decent money.

4. Take paid surveys
Data is everything and many companies nowadays are willing to pay money to get it. Doing paid surveys online is one of the best ways to make passive income. You can make anywhere from $50 to $200 or more depending on the kind of surveys you do and your locality. Keep in mind that you have to apply to get accepted into a survey, and you may not qualify every time, which is completely normal.

5. Get paid to shop
If you love shopping, you’ll like this. Some people prefer having their stuff delivered because of any reason, and it can be a good way to earn extra cash. This works similarly to delivering food, but you’ll be delivering their groceries or any other thing to their doorstep. You can make as much as $20 an hour doing shopping on Instacart.

6. Freelance work
If you’ve got some skills or services you can sell online, consider getting started on any renowned freelancing skills like Upwork or Fiverr. Digital Marketing, data science, analytics, writing, videos, design, and software development are some of the popular areas where you can offer your services online. The best part about this is that you can pick your own hours and set your own pricing depending on your portfolio, niche, and experience level.

7. Pet sitting
If you love pets, you can make money while spending more time with them. Doesn’t that sound great? Well yes, you can make an average of $16 per hour to walk someone’s dog or feed them. There could be any number of pets and you can pick whatever you like doing the most. You can look up these jobs on platforms like Wag, GoodPug, Wooftrax, PetBacker, or Pawshake.

These are some of the best side hustles you can do without investing any money. Diversifying your income is important in today’s world so you’re not left stranded in case something bad happens. These apps and niches allow you to make passive income while picking your own hours and doing things at your convenience.