• Friday, May 24, 2024
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3 Best Sites to Buy Twitch Followers and Viewers in 2024


The number of followers and views you have on your Twitch account can benefit your brand in more ways than you can imagine. The higher the count, the higher your channel will rank in Twitch’s search results, which increases your brand visibility.

It encourages a more lively and interactive stream and attracts even more viewers interested in your content. This also helps you build a community of supportive and positive environments, making your followers stick with you longer.

With an increased number of followers and viewers on Twitch, you will be open to more monetization opportunities, including ads, subscriptions, donations, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing. As your Twitch channel expands, a lot more popular brands would want to collaborate with you.

However, while these benefits are great, they require a lot of effort and time. You can skip the daunting process and decide to purchase these metrics instead.

In this article, we have listed the three best sites where you can buy Followers and viewers for your Twitch account.

Best Sites to Buy Twitch Followers and Viewers

Here are some of the best sites to consider for high-quality Twitch followers and viewers.

1. Media Mister

Media Mister is one of the most prominent sites to help you grow your social media presence, and there are several Twitch packages available to choose from. It is recognized as the best site to buy Twitch Followers and viewers in reputable news platforms such as Pittsburgh City Paper and Delco Times. It is also an established platform for all types of promotional products for popular networks, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and SoundCloud, among others.


Here are some key features of purchasing Twitch followers and viewers from Media Mister:

Real Twitch Followers and Viewers: Media Mister prides itself on delivering 100% legit followers and viewers with authentic accounts that will engage with your posts. They do not rely on bots or spam accounts to provide their services.

Natural Delivery Time: The delivery time for purchases made is natural, which means you will get your followers and views over a few days rather than getting everything at once. This prevents the Twitch algorithm from being suspicious of your account, which may lead to being shadow-banned.

Wide Range of Options: You have a wide range of options to choose from for your Twitch views. This includes Video Views, Live Video Views, Clip Views, and Channel Views. You can then select the number of views, ranging from 100 to 100,000. For followers count, you can get up to 10,000 followers.

This could depend on both your marketing goals and budget. While 100 views will cost you $2, 10,000 views will cost you $155, and 50,000 views will be $749. On the other hand, to get Twitch followers, 100 will cost you $6, 2500 will cost $127, and 10,000 for $493. There is also an extra feature known as “Twitch Chatter” that you can include in your package.

Money-back Guarantee: There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee that protects you if you are not satisfied with the service. All you have to do is contact customer support, and you will be instantly refunded.

Secure Website: The website is SSL-secure, which ensures that every sensitive information shared is protected. You can pay with PayPal, Credit/Debit card, or Cryptocurrency, and rest assured that your data is safe.

Great Customer Support: The service provided by the exceptional customer support team is unmatched. You can reach them either via email or live chat and get a swift response.


Experience and Expertise
Quick delivery
Diverse payment methods
No password needed
High retention rate


No free trial is available.

Summary of Customer Reviews

Customers over time have benefited so greatly from Media Mister that they mentioned the need to purchase more of their services. This gives close to a 100% customer retention rate due to the great customer support and excellent service experience.

2. GetAFollower

GetAFollower is a trusted site with a commitment to quality that will help you get followers and viewers to improve your Twitch presence. This is also a great platform to get a wide range of promotional products and services for all major social networks.


Some features that make GetAFollower worth it include:


Real Accounts: With GetAFollower, you will get active Twitch followers and real Twitch viewers on your page and won’t have to worry about bots or fake accounts. They actively oversee the delivery of every service provided to keep to their promise of authenticity.

Several Package Types: The package types available for buying Twitch views include Video Views, Live Video Views, Clip Views, and Channel Views. You can also select your preferred quantity between 100 and 100,000.

For your follower count, there are also different packages but specifically for the numbers, whether it is 100, 1000, 5000, or 10,000.

Refill Guarantee: If you notice any loss of followers or views after purchasing our service, there’s a 60-day refill guarantee that protects you. The lost metrics will be immediately replaced at no cost to you.

No Password is Needed: When you buy from GetAFollower, you won’t have to share your password or any personal information. All they need is your Twitch username or link to the specific video you’d like to promote.


Fast and reliable delivery
Non-drop followers
Affordable price
Secure website
Good customer support


No 24/7 customer support

Summary of Customer Reviews

Most customers highly recommend GetAFollower due to the quality of service and customer support they provide. The review is highly saturated with news of prompt delivery and high engagement. They also mentioned recommending it even more.

3. Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media is the best place to purchase Twitch followers and viewers to turbocharge your performance and get stable viewers. It also has one of the best competitive prices for a wide range of services across several social platforms.


Here are some key things Buy Real Media has to offer:

Services from Real People: Buy Real Media has a strict no-spam policy that they uphold. This means you only get authentic accounts to engage with your content and maintain consistent quality on your account.

Different Package Types: You have the option to choose your preferred kind of view, whether it is Video, Live Video, or Clip Views. You can also select your preferred quantity for both followers and views, ranging from 100 to 100,000.


Unrivaled experience
Money-back guarantee
Targeted services
High retention rate
Secure website


No free trial is available.

Summary of Customer Reviews

Customers have called this process easy and successful so far. The review also highlights how great of a service they render at a reasonable price.

How We Made This List of These Best Sites?

Coming up with the perfect list of the best sites to purchase Twitch followers requires specific criteria. We chose the best features to look out for when making a decision and streamlined your options into those three.

Below are some criteria we considered to arrive at those final three.

Based on Our Personal Experience

We have used these three sites countless times and have also constantly recommended them to others. Based on our affiliation, we were able to familiarize ourselves with the benefits, including increased brand credibility and engagement.

What Other Things We Looked For

Other things we looked out for include the following:

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are important in making an informed decision, so we went through the reviews to hear from those who have made a purchase. With enough positive reviews about their services, we consider them one of the best.

Delivery Time

The delivery time for these sites is immediate, and it starts rolling out within 24 hours after purchase. This makes your metrics look organic to prevent suspicions from the Twitch algorithm that might lead to your account getting banned.

Customer Support

The top-notch customer support delivered by these sites makes them irresistible. Nothing beats excellent customer service paired with quality results.

Money Back Guarantee

There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee for every purchase. This gives you a safety net to fall back on if the service offered does not meet your expectations.

Safety and Discretion

Any responsible marketing platform should care about its customers and their safety. We ensured that our selected sites are SSL-secure to keep your information safe. They also do not request passwords; all they need is the URL to the video you intend to promote or your account.

FAQs on Buying Twitch Followers and Viewers

Is it Safe to Buy Twitch Followers and Viewers?

Absolutely! Buying Twitch followers and viewers improves your social profile and brings in more engagement. When you buy from legit sites like the ones mentioned in this article, you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

Can Buying Followers and Viewers Help Me Monetize My Twitch Account?

Yes, it can. More followers and viewers help increase brand visibility, and this opens you to more monetization opportunities. A popular brand could reach out to collaborate or pay you to market its products or services.

Final Thoughts

To get a successful streaming strategy, you need a tangible amount of followers and views on your channel. This shows people that you are legit and have one of the most popular accounts around.

However, organic growth can be quite tedious and also takes time. You can cut down on this long haul by purchasing Twitch followers and views. This article highlights everything you need to know about buying metrics for your Twitch Account and the best sites to get them from.