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Rite Food ignites competition in chapman drink market with Bigi chapman

After disrupting the carbonated soft drink market, which has seen the two heavyweights, Pepsi and Coca-Cola swallow their pride and re-adjust their earlier price change; Rite Foods is not slowing down at least not anytime soon.

The launch of Bigi Chapman into the market is set to ignite competition in the silent Chapman drink segment.
Until the introduction of Bigi Chapman into the market, Smoov, a product from La Casera Company was the only player in that market segment.

Chapman is a non-alcoholic drink, that comes in a blend of fruity flavour, usually of the red color. It is often described as Nigeria's favourite drink and though predominantly served without alcohol, it can also be served with a hint of vodka or rum.

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Not ready to relinquish its market leadership to Bigi Chapman, Smoov has increased its quantity by 20percent to keep its customer base from dumping its product for Bigi Chapman. Both companies offer their
products for N100.

Bigi and La Casera have been sworn enemies since the entrance of Bigi into the drink market. Bigi launched the Bigi Apple to challenge the dominance of La Caser in the market. This is a huge success as it has left La Casera to play only on the fringes of the market, as efforts by La Casera to rebrand has yielded little or no result.

Also, industrial disputes between the management and its workers that led to a shutdown of its factory in the past have further worsen its chances in the market. Rite Foods, a Ess-Ay Holdings was established in 2007, offering
sausage rolls, but Bigi didn’t become a household name until the company made inroads into the carbonated drinks market in 2016 and three years into the soft drink market, it has continued to challenge big players in the consumer space.

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