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UNN hosts week-long Catholic students’ event


Globacom, telecommunication giants, will step into the fun and fair arena at the prestigious University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) starting from April 22, 2013. For the first time, the GSM giant with Nigerian flavour will be giving a big helping hand to the largest campus group, the National Federation of Catholic Students (NFCS) to host its yearly event, the Federation Week, which is a period to play and pray.

Students regard this as a big plus because Glo for the first time would be involved in awarding exceptional performances. The aim of Glo’s involvement is to encourage talent, hard work and discipline among the youths. The drama wing of the NFCS (Federation theatre) would also show their appreciation by featuring a couple of drama pieces that would highlight Glo’s value to the school community.

The idea behind the hosting of the Federation Week every session stems from the belief that there is no distinct line between religion and fun. The school environment being a rallying point for young people is full of various talents itching to showcase their stuff one way or the other.

Before the inception of the Federation Week, most talents within the umbrella of NFCS found it valuable to flaunt their talents at secular shows. With the coming of the federation week, these talents now have a platform to ‘pray and play’ in an atmosphere highly influenced by Christian principles and practices (not less than 1500 spectators) during the week long show.