• Monday, April 15, 2024
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The demi gods called course reps (2)


It still beats my imagination the power that this so called course representatives display on campus. Last week, I gave you an insight into the activities of course reps on our various campuses. I will use this opportunity to shed more light on this ‘necessary evil.’

On a very serious note I often wonder the usefulness of the so called “book of life” which corrupt lecturers don’t joke with seeing that not a few of them have made it a prerequisite for students’ academic success. In as much as you do not buy the textbook just know that you have lost ten to twenty marks. Even recalcitrant and obstinate students have no alternatives because they must dance to the tune.

By this end, the course representatives now use this medium to generate funds to satisfy their egocentric ends. They induce the idea that once you do not pay for the textbook,count yourself among those that will fail that course. Most students are just naïve and are often gripped with fear. The course representatives approach them and tell them that they should pay some money to have their names added to the list. With some departments having as much as 700 to 800 students, imagine the returns that are being generated for these so called demi gods.

I have also come to discover that most course reps’ modus operandi commence immediately after a semester’s examination as they set up an enterprise; this is when they will market and advertise themselves. Students, having known how corrupt their lecturers are never seem to doubt any word from these course representatives.

Through falsehood and arm twisting methods, they become dons in a twinkle of an eye. In some cases, female students who do not have money to pay find ‘other alternatives’ which these male course representatives are all too happy to accept. That is why prospective undergraduates should beware of these inevitable ‘traps’ along these career paths.

It is good if they should accord relevance to orientation programmes alongside having self confidence by not allowing any course representative to make them fidget after writing examinations on a particular course.

Most students do not get proper orientation before getting their admissions and that is why all the tertiary institutions organise students’ orientation under the auspice of the Dean of Students’ Affairs. Sadly, most students do not see the relevance of such programmes and they therefore stay away to their own detriment. Unfortunately, it is at these programmes that they can receive the right information and tips on how to handle these corrupt lecturers, their ‘demi god’ course reps and all other related issues. 



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