• Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Students’ perspective on industrial action and government’s negligence


In recent times, industrial action by academic staff union of tertiary institutions in the country often times paralysed the activities of various institutions of learning in the country. This has greatly contributed to the falling standard of education.

More often than not, the failure of the federal government to attend to the demand of these unions leads to the unions embarking on strike as has been the experience in polytechnics now as ASUP (Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics) are threatening to embark on an indefinite strike.

What beats my imagination is that if the Nigerian government can spend millions or billions of naira in hosting a foreign visitor, then why can’t it spend the same large amount of money on our educational system?

The damage that the ASUP strike and other strikes have done to our educational system are too numerous to mention. For a course of study with duration of 4 or 5 years or so, a student finds himself/herself spending longer time than expected. Does this speak well? This problem of incessant strikes has really slowed down the pace of our academic progress. I see Nigeria as a ‘crippled giant’ in every aspect of her national life. The Nigerian government has failed woefully in terms of maintaining her educational system.

However, the Nigerian government should look intently at the system of education of the developed world like America or Ghana and then, learn and apply their methods.

In conclusion, the ASUP strike and other strikes have really contributed to the falling standard of the country’s educational system. Let ASUP and the federal government have a consensus on how to bring lasting solution to their disagreements knowing that the students involve are their own children.


Fefpoly Nekede