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Night class culture, a trend that defines life on campus


The reading culture amongst Nigerian students has been depreciating over the years, there is no doubt about that. Be that as it may, many students have their various ways of preparing ahead of examinations pertaining to their reading perspective ranging from the time to place of reading.

A student might decide to read or study in the morning hours or night hours, many might even decide to go for night classes to study while for those that live off campus they may choose to study at home. One thing is clear-a student’s choice of a suitable approach to studying depends on the philosophy of the student.

Going to night classes for not a few students in tertiary institutions is a trend that most students imbibe mostly when their examination is approaching. This trend with its attendant risk and thrill has left students with a divided opinion as to its merits and demerits.

The experiences accruing to it are enormous, the night class could take place in special classes or the auditorium. Anyway, it all depends on how the school is been constructed. It is usually a mixture of bile and honey going to night classes for those students who embark on night classes. It could bring forth joy and regrets depending on the circumstances.

It is fun when you achieve your aim of reading for hours before you could catch some sleep. There is this joy that fills up your heart especially when you are convinced that you are fully prepared for an examination. Interestingly, the joy of going to night classes is usually found among students who are serious about making exploits in their results having fully read to their satisfaction.

It is however, a form of bile when you fall asleep thereby not achieving your objectives. Students come early to get a good position as a result of the crowd that is anticipated to fill a particular class especially during examination periods. When some students arrive they will set the alarm clocks on their phones so as to wake up and commence their reading but to no avail as sleep overpowers them, which is why some unscrupulous students always have an eye on such sleepy heads and end up stealing their mobile phones and other valuables.

However, these night classes are also avenues for two lovers to carry out their lovely assignments. They fix appointments to meet in a particular class; they could even read together without getting results as a result of emotional attachments. The security operatives in campus also use this medium to molest and unnecessarily interfere in the affairs of the students as they apply all measures to ensure that a student becomes a victim just to make sure that in the long run they can demand for a ransom from the ‘offenders.’

Most students who are really determined to make exploits in their grades go to night classes and some of them do make good grades. It can never be generalised that students who attend night classes are going there to waste their time. It all depends on the student in question. You can spend hours in night classes without achieving anything, you can equally achieve something when you attend night classes; it is your call.



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