• Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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New undergraduates and orientation programmes


 It is an incontrovertible fact that education in Nigeria decades ago was only acquired by a few persons; majority of Nigerians tied under the ambits of farming, fishing and hunting.

However there is a remarkable advance in the quest for education in Nigeria as most individuals now give preference to tertiary education at the expense of usual agricultural practices.

Individuals who are nursing the ambition to becoming university students having attained primary and secondary education seem to be naïve and startled whenever they find themselves within the four walls of the university as undergraduates for the first time. They are bombarded with stories of cultism, rape and other vices dominant in some tertiary institutions and psychologically, they are caught up with fear. This is always inevitable, but the inability of an individual to subject its whims and caprices could cause a lot of damages.

To this end, tertiary institutions in the country find it imperative to organise a programme known as “student’s orientation” which is usually under the auspice of the Division of Students’ Affairs. Students’ orientation programme as the name implies is a programme aimed at inculcating into the newly admitted students the modus operandi of the institution. The need to avoid campus vices such as cultism, examination malpractice, impersonation, prostitution, resolving academic issues among other things.

Orientation programme is not negotiable; it goes a long way to helping new students if well planned as new students alongside parents, faculties, staff, and management are all beneficiaries of such programmes.

While it is not possible to tell new students everything they will need to know about the institution, orientation programmes becomes an avenue which students will know where to go, whether it is the tutoring centre or health services, if they have additional questions. The management of the institution uses the medium to welcome the new students.

Furthermore, students are given the opportunity to ask questions or better still seek for clarification when needed, of which good answers are being given to them. Orientation programmes relieve anxieties and prepare the new students for success. They go beyond giving requisite information to Nigerian students.

  The significance of students’ orientation cannot be overemphasised. It has played a tremendous role in the lives of newly admitted students over the years. As its name implies, it is solely aimed at reorienting students so as not to fall victims on campus. That is one reason the Dean of Students’ Affairs is usually placed at high esteem in every tertiary institution.

The students’ orientation programme is conducted a period of two to three days on the within the first three months of newly admitted students so as to get them get acclimatised with the campus environment. Experts and public speakers from different sectors are usually contracted to speak to students on relevant topics which will reorient them.

Sadly, most students do not attend these vital programmes as they tend to give preference to night activities that connects with musicals