• Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Is your career woman complicated? Be a John Legend!!!

Is your career woman complicated?  Be a John Legend!!!

Have you listened to John legend’s –All of me? For those who do not know this great song, I will write out some of the lyrics  so you can understand clearly what my today’s topic has to do with a musician. The first time I heard this music, I said to myself- -‘what-the –hell- is -wrong -with -John? As I get to hear the lyrics more and more, I tend to see how deep and inspiring the song is.

Check some(not all) of the lyrics I picked below-

….Because all of me loves all of you

  I can’t pin you down,         

What’s going on in that beautiful head?

You are my end and my begining

You are my downfall

You are my worst distraction

Loves your curves and imperfections

You are crazy and am out of my mind

My head is under water but I am breathing fine…..

Ok, those of you reading this who know this song …I hope I tried with the lyrics? Help me out here if I missed something. There are more but this are the ones I could pick.

I personally think John did not just compose this song out of nothing,  it must have been a very real feelings for someone which, ofcourse, is a woman. I tend to see that woman as a very complicated and complex  career woman.

A lot of men have hard times understanding and coping with working /career women. Going through John’s lyrics, it will only take a very caring, loving, understanding man to cope.  John knows and understand pretty much all the stuff that woman is made of but he decided to focus on the good ones.  The ones I find more confusing are where he said, the lady is crazy and he is out of his mind….his head is under water yet he is breathing fine. Honestly, he is totally out of his mind if you ask me, but still making so much sense at the same time. Why? Because he knows what he wants, found it but there are challenges, and torns but he decided to conquer the negatives with the positives. What an inspirational,powerful gentleman?

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Men who are either married to career women or having a relationship with career women should be like John for once. A typical career woman is out to be a success and this success does not come so easy …it is not a tea party. I do not believe that the strenght of women and men are equal.  Men’s empowering strenght can be very profiting to women….if only our men know this and how appreciative career women are for men who empower them…..ok today they know!  Most career women would love to have a man who goes out of his ways to be involved in her work activities and I do not mean checking on how many men takes her out for lunch and dinner thereby working their nerves up and getting jealous out of nothing. Career women do lots of projects, meetings, contracts, and conferences,  so there will always be lunch, dinner with clients. So, brace up on this and spare yourself some unnecessary pains. The fact that your career woman is very beautiful does not mean men are wooing her every time they go for lunch and dinner. Infact, in my own case when I organize conferences for companies, I take my clients/delegates on boat cruise(depending on our location) and we have lovely parties onboard to unwind. This is simply recreation, which helps executives to unwind, de-stress  and feel  more active, relaxed thereby being more productive at their work places.  If one of my male delegates wants to have a dance with me and I am in the mood to dance,( I am a terrible dancer by the way) must I turn him down so that my man will not think I am flirting? That is not a business attitude! It is just a dance, so let it go guys!!!

John also could not comprehend what is going on in the woman’s ‘beautiful brains’ which means the woman is intelligent and most intelligent people can be complex . A good career woman is always thinking of better ways to add value to her job to excel, so her brain is always active. (As a matter of fact this article was typed  on Christmas Day morning without me not  having a shower but with just my empty coffee jug waiting to be refilled…I spent Christmas away from home visiting my sister and family…the kind husband later came out and saw me working and brought out a big chilled pack of healthy soy drink and reminding me it was almost 12noon! ) As I am busy preparing this stuff, some other women are somewhere painting their faces with makeups, sampling the best attire to display  or  still sleeping.. not that I am complaining though.  In this kind of scenario if there was a man close to me he will be wondering what’s going on in my brains and why I act the way I do. He can only find out if he takes time to understand that my job means a lot to me and be supportive in his own way.

His support  could just be re-filling my finished cup of coffee knowing that I love my coffee every morning. Adding some nice fresh fruits to rave my energy alongside with the caffeine +Antioxidant feed.

Coming to where John says –he can’t pin the woman down. Well that says a lot for men who are always spying and following their women. Some men even hire spies to check on their working wives every movement. Knock it off dear men, this is just a waste of time and energy. Some spies  actually earn their pay by giving you false info creating high blood pressure for you and destroying your nice home and wife’s career. Believe me, if you show genuine –kind interest in your wife’s job, she will miss telling you nothing about what happens at work . See?…so easy to get all the info you pay fake spies to do. Ladies, also try to stay clean and decent here and do not lead your hubby to signs to start doubting your movements. You must have to answer him respectfully and politely.

Remember that most career women have no space for petty talks and grudges because their brains are all about positivity so trying to make petty talks with a career woman and accusing her of things like cheating backfires right at your face.  No career woman who has been faithful would want to parley with a husband or partner who constantly nags about keeping men away from her job. Seriously? Infact I will shut you out finally and keep you in dark till you learn. Sorry folks but that is the career- woman-business-bitter-sweet truth!!!! Thank you to all men who are supportive of their wife’s and partner’s career.