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For students, eating routine on campus is another thing altogether


All human beings eat to survive in life. Eating habit is usually seen as the way people eat. They also eat to express appreciation, for a sense of belonging, and for self-realisation. For example, if I am not hungry I can choose to eat a piece of cake that has been baked in my admiration. This is also equivalent to our various students today the question is how do you eat in school as a student?

Irrespective of the great advancement in discipline and skill, eating habits among people, especially students, has not improved. The easy availability of fast-food and snacks classified as unhealthy, is wrecking havoc on the health of those who are unaware of how detrimental they are to their health.

In school these days, when students are away from their various destinations for the first time, they fill they have the freedom to eat what they want and abandon the healthy eating habits they’ve grown up with, while some see stress in eating. I can’t forget my eating habit in school; I remember in my 100 level when every food stuff required will be given to me by my parents, I was so contented thinking that days like that will never end.

Not until my second year, did things seems to turn around, when I will have to call my parents. “Mum, my food stuff is about to finish!” They will tell me to manage; it got to a time I had to take quick breakfasts of tea and bread before I left for lectures. When heading back to the hostel, I would fill my tummy with the hardest of “meat pies.”

Ukachukwu, a student from Imo State university, while sharing her experience of her eating routine on campus explained that at home her parents always forced her to eat, but when she finally found herself in school environment, she saw it as a leeway or freedom to eat whatever she liked.

According to her, “For whole one month I did not light my stove in school. I was carried away by snacks, morning and night thinking it was a form of enjoyment. Along the line, I took ill and that was when I learnt my lesson.”

Finally, poor eating habits may affect the health of students one way or the other. For instance, some students become obese and this in turn makes them less active in school and this ultimately affects their academic performance. So, as a student, let’s try to eat normal in school, as the Bible also said that, “too much of everything is a sin.”


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