• Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Abia poly rector pledges zero tolerance for cultism


  Newly inducted students of Abia State Polytechnic, Aba, have been advised to shun cultism and other criminal acts, as the institution has zero tolerance for such criminal deviances.

Allwell Onukaogu, rector of the polytechnic, who sounded the warning at its 19th Matriculation Ceremony, held Thursday, as he affirmed that secret societies are no more fashionable, stressing that anyone who lets himself/herself to be deceived into such groups, would be doomed for life.

He explained that the institution has zero degree tolerance for such criminal deviance, noting that the security network in the institution, would smoke culprits out and hand them over for ultimate free but degrading accommodation in any of the available federal prisons.

He advised them not to be carried away with those aspects of students’ lives that appear grandiose in dressing, dance steps, and other forms of flamboyant socialisation.

In his words, “They indulge themselves with expensive lifestyles, often beyond what their parents can afford or approve. Do not be deceived, the liberty you have can never be allowed to degenerate into licentiousness,” he warned.

Consequently, the rector advised them not to attend night parties that could be arranged to lure them into secret societies, even as he urged them not to accept unsolicited and inexplicable kindness from known or unknown friends pretending to love them, noting that such people could be agents of the devil.

“You should learn to do things for yourself, be independent, read your handbooks and follow the regulations. Do not depend on any student other than yourself for whatever you intend to do here to wear the garb of legitimacy,” he advised.

Onukaogu also affirmed that tertiary institutions are not brothels, where bestial and immoral activities are condoned, and advised the matriculating students not to debase themselves by showing off what he termed, “their God-given bodily endowment.