• Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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‘Real estate will be pivotal for Nigeria’s 2023 outlook’

Lifeline for renters as rent now, pay later solution hits market

Property Investment for discerning people will keep them afloat in the economic situation in 2023, given the economic outlook, Tade Cash, CEO, Wealth Island Properties Africa, has said.

According to the entrepreneur, this is against the parameters that have been laid out by experts, and the present state of the country to predict the economic outlook.

“Nigeria is not in dire strait like most people think and are predicting, the economy will defy the dynamics that most people are used to, and that is where the confusion starts to form.

“But. Some investment options have proven over time to be more predictable in difficult times like this,” he said.

Cash added that the government’s struggle to solve the housing problem for a growing population is already challenged, in the face of the hydra-headed social, security, and electoral situation that the New Year poses.

But, he said, a property investment gives an assurance of stability and the highest possible return on investment because it comes as a practical value and solution to the problem the country presently faces.

“In times like this, money doesn’t reduce in circulation, it only moves from one sector to another sector where its value is best appreciated. Property and housing for the under-served environment like Nigeria give investors an advantage.”

Wealth Island Property Africa, with over a decade, and ten projects running, Tade says has earned the ropes to be able to speak on the subject and especially guide willing investors on the path to safety around the industry.

He added, “During the pandemic, which heralded almost two years of economic shock; from January 2020, we were able to guide investors that subscribed to us to their biggest profit to date. It is an environment we understand quite well and are willing to guide new prospects.”

Esan said seasons like this when the environment is rife with news of uncertainty position smart investors to minimize risks by pitching with experts and investments that are proven and certain.

“We follow a ‘Certaintymodel’ that makes real estate produces at all times but much more in different times like this time.

“Ponzi Schemes are all over the place and their promoters will be about town to douse the news of the uncertain times that the economic outlook has predicted, but none of them has tried any of those before,” he said.

According to him, only wise investments in property and through a proven organisation like us will guide investors aright.