• Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Palton Morgan, MJK forge alliance to transform construction management, optimize ROI

Palton Morgan, MJK forge alliance to transform construction management, optimize ROI

Palton Morgan Holdings, a prominent real estate developer known for its leadership in the luxury segment of the market, recently formalized a strategic partnership with MJK, a global project management company based in Spain.

This collaboration aims to usher in a paradigm shift in construction and project management, primarily focusing on ensuring timely project deliveries and optimizing returns on investment for their customers.

Adeyinka Adesope, the Group Managing Director and CEO of Palton Morgan Holdings emphasized the company’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional quality. He assured of this dedication during the agreement signing event in Lagos, stressing that when a project deviates from its originally conceived design and schedule, it not only incurs additional costs but also jeopardizes the overall viability of the product.

During an exclusive interview with BusinessDay on the sideline of the event, Adesope spoke on its strategic objectives. He said that their current focus was to deliver uncommon quality while maintaining high efficiency. This underscores the rationale for selecting MJK as their partner, given MJK’s demonstrated expertise, capabilities, and extensive experience in construction management.

Adesope expressed confidence in the European company’s entry into the Nigerian market. He noted that although local knowledge plays a crucial role in business, it is essential to recognize that fundamental principles for achieving success remain consistent, adding that skills are adaptable and transferrable across different contexts.

Julio Viloria, the Chief Executive Officer of MJK, leads a highly esteemed project management firm known for its extensive global expertise that traverses regions and nations, including North Africa.

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Julio said that their portfolio boasts a track record of successful projects across many locations, including Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, various European nations, Spain, Portugal, Latin America, Colombia, Argentina, North Africa (Morocco, Libya, Egypt), and Saudi Arabia. “These diverse experiences have afforded us invaluable insights into distinct environments, each characterized by its unique attributes, sometimes differing from the Nigerian context.

Furthermore, he assured of their commitment to achieving a delicate balance among three pivotal aspects of project management. These are time, quality, and cost. According to him, an exclusive focus on time could lead to compromises in cost efficiency and the delivery of superior quality.

To effectively manage time, quality, and cost while maintaining efficiency, Viloria said they practised meticulous design improvisation and thorough completeness. He highlighted the deployment of experienced on-site personnel and specific supervisors with the requisite skills and expertise. “These supervisors are pivotal in guiding contractors throughout the project’s execution, ensuring that the promised quality is never compromised,” he explained.

Adesope said they could not undervalue the wealth of experience that MJK has garnered over the years. He noted that the successes achieved by MJK in Europe and the Middle East were highly transferable and could be effectively applied in collaboration with local project and construction management firms.

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All through Palton Morgan’s endeavours, Adesope said they have their expectations, particularly concerning customer satisfaction and experience. He emphasized the importance of customers in all these endeavours. “Our customers are at the core of everything we do; it is their needs and satisfaction that drive our actions, and it is their interests that led us to forge this partnership with MJK,” he said.

He explained that the nature of their partnership with MJK is such that will yield a substantial return on investment (ROI) for their customers in the long run, stressing that delivering a high-quality project within the stipulated time frame would satisfy current customers and enable them to realize their ROI promptly.

As industry leaders, Adesope hopes for continued market dominance in the long run, envisioning a scenario where purchasing from Palton Morgan would be the best logical choice to make.

Adesope revealed that MJK has had successful collaboration with, and effectively managed EMAAR’s projects, saying, “anyone familiar with EMAAR knows it’s not an easy feat. Being the lead developer in the Middle East requires a deep understanding of the field.”

He believed that Palton Morgan’s partnership with MJK was strategically positioned for success based on MJK’s track record and expertise in handling high-profile projects.