• Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Our products are free of asbestos content, Eternit insists


Eternit Limited, one of Nigeria’s foremost roofing and ceiling materials manufacturer, is insisting that its products, which also include concrete roofing tiles, are without asbestos content as insinuated in some quarters.

Eternit, which opened for business in 1974, is one the old generation industries in Nigeria and has over time garnered both experience and expertise in its products line, which are household names in the country today.

Recently, there have been insinuations that the company’s products still contain asbestos banned by the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON ) over a decade ago, because it is believed to be harmful to human lives.

Officials of the company told journalists recently at a media tour of the company that they do not make use of asbestos anymore, pointing out that “the last line of our products with asbestos content was churned out of our factory as far back as 2001.

“For the sake of emphasis, and to correct the impression that Eternit products are asbestos products, none of our products contain asbestos. The asbestos component of our products mix has been replaced with synthetic new technology fibre over a decade ago.”

According to the officials, strong competition from imported building materials in the country is a challenge to their company, pointing out that in the face of keen competition among the manufacturers and dealers of building materials in Nigeria, the only way to remain relevant in the industry is not to compromise set standards for quality of products, but to insist on improving on quality of products at all times, no matter the situation.

“Our products meet international standards; we have a good name in the building materials manufacturing sector of the nation’s economy,” they said, stressing that the company wants to maintain that good name.

“Even with the good name the company is currently enjoying, we have to produce high quality products if we must remain in business following strong competition with foreign products being imported into the country that are cheaper than Eternit products. This is why our watchword at Eternit is quality and no compromise about it,” they added.

Explaining that over 800 people have been trained by his company free of charge on how to install various products of the company ranging from Duratile roofing tiles, Ultra span roofing truss, Super 7 and Ultra 7 roofing sheets and Super lightweight as well as Coolite roofing sheets, suspended ceilings, nailed ceilings and decorative ceilings, the officials said.

In order to cover the nation effectively with their products, the company has concluded plans to open offices in Abuja and Port Harcourt.