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How Palton Morgan is reinventing luxury living in Nigeria


Before now, the Nigerian real estate market had seen what came off as luxury developments in the various segments of the market including residential, retail and commercial office space.

Many developers had gone to town investing billions of dollars into building the so-called luxury real estate just to meet the growing market demand. Only a few are being creative and employing great architecture to create products that meet international standards.

Many of the products that have come to the market, according to experts, are glorified Town Houses or what a market analyst described once as “concrete monuments with grotesque façade and ambience”.

When Palton Morgan set out on its real estate investment and development journey in Nigeria, it was clear that it was on a mission and part of that mission is to change the country’s real estate story at the luxury end.

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The mission is also to redefine luxury real estate and, by so doing, reinvent luxury living. It is also the mission of the company to lead the real estate sector in Africa with revolutionary ideas and strategies that will fuel great innovations within the Nigerian property market.

Over the years, this mission has crystalized in the company’s iconic and signature developments in Nigeria’s major cities, notably Lagos and Abuja. It is building sophisticated masterpieces and creating new standards for luxury living.

Palton Morgan is a holding company and the parent brand of Grenadines Homes, Oceanna, and PropertyMart which at different levels and submarkets respond to the real estate needs of Nigerians.

Every step of the way, it has committed to its vision of becoming the preferred real estate group in Africa and this is fully aligned with first-class projects that would meet the expectations of the market and unleash the economic potential of the country.

Skyvilla is one of the company’s masterpieces being developed by Grenadines Homes (Member of Palton Morgan)to drive home the parent company’s both mission and vision to lead and by doing the best for the market and for the economy.

Skyvilla offers 4-bedroom automated Condominiums with world-class amenities in this project. All units are exquisitely designed with the utmost care to provide residents and their families comfortable life.

Located in the serene Probyn Road in Ikoyi, Lagos, Skyvilla Apartments combines all that defines luxury living in a private enclave. It offers contemporary residences that fuse a style of living with elegance and beauty.

Like the Oceanna Cerulean, a project developed by the company to taste and class in Victoria Island, Skyvilla by Grenadines Homes also promises to be a story in revolutionizing design and engineering in Africa and will act as symbol of expertise and human ingenuity pioneered by Nigerians.

Adeyinka Adesope, Group Managing Director of Palton Morgan Holdings, says the iconic building promises another pioneering new way to luxury living, inspiring sense of hope, pride and awe for Nigerians, expats and the world.

Adesope pointed out that the building would reflect an inspiring story about a magnificent nation claiming its place in history, just as residents and visitors will be compelled to become a part of this story by making the Skyvilla their home and their must-go destination.

“It will, without a doubt, be an iconic place for iconic people and a conglomeration of man-made innovation and organic, natural beauty displayed in luxury apartments in Lagos,” he said.

He assured that investing in the massive project was prompted by the singular vision it would be a main character in the new era of optimism in Nigeria, when it has become clear that the country is striving to position well in an era when global investors and business leaders look to Africa, especially Nigeria as the next region of transformative economic growth.

The location of Skyvilla is strategic. As Nigeria’s commercial nerve center with the highest population density, Lagos records high traffic congestion which significantly affects the day-to-day living of its residents. A larger proportion of Lagos population lives on the mainland area but work on the Island, which includes Victoria Island (VI), Ikoyi and Lekki.

This explains the reason for traffic congestion experienced daily on Lagos roads especially those routes that lead to the highbrow settlements. The choice of Ikoyi for this development, is therefore to save its residents the headache that comes with long hours in traffic and also to befit its iconic nature.

Skyvilla by Grenadines Homes is an elegant 10-storey tower with beautifully proportioned floor plans.

To bring this property to life, the company has engaged renowned architects to design the building and these masters of contemporary design have created an exquisite beauty for the residents.

Recently, the company signed a contract with Business Contracting Limited (BCL) for the construction of the property. “We are determined to reshape the skyline of Africa; hence we are constantly striving to create unique lifestyle options for our residents and investors,” Nidal Turjman, Group Chief Operating Officer at Palton Morgan, assured.

He added that the company was building lifestyle destinations and creating a new standard of luxury living. To make residents feel at home immediately, each of the 24 apartments of the two towers offers great comfort and class.

“With white tiles and walls, light gently enters every living space. With wooden panels and marble, you feel in an exceptional place, where every detail has been carefully designed,” Turjman disclosed.

The building also boasts world class amenities which include swimming pool; gymnasium, well paved access and internal roads, 24 hours security with CCTV, roof top garden, ample parking space, panoramic elevator (optional), terrace garden, fully equipped kitchen, etc. There are also gym and pool courtyard, roof top garden, reception lobby and concierge services.

These explain why at the present stage of development where piling work has been completed by Jite Projekts and BCL has moved to site for construction commencement, 19 units have been sold, leaving only 5 units for prospective buyers and lovers of luxury living.

The facilities and the choice of designers and contractors for projects execution are consistent with Palton Morgan’s commitment to offering the most valuable and well-planned communities in Nigeria and to drive its projects at ideal speed to deliver within delivery timelines.

This has the advantage of instilling buyers and investors’ confidence and also saving both the contractors and the company the headache in project variation, cost adjustment that come with delay.

On completion, prospective investors would be wondering who the people behind the construction of iconic edifice are, not much for its gigantic size as to its great architecture and enthralling façade.

BCL is one of the foremost construction companies in the country with so many years’ experience in building construction. It is expected that it would bring this long-standing experience to bear in the construction of the building.

Roda Fadlallah, the company’s managing director, said he was gratified at the opportunity to work with Palton Morgan on Skyvilla Project and also applauded the group for their diligent approach to the selection of their contractors.