• Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Growthill offers hope, pathway to sustainable living as electricity tariff surges

Growthill offers hope, pathway to sustainable living as electricity tariff surges

Following the recent surge in electricity tariffs, which has left countless homes and people perplexed and uncertain, some companies are emerging as beacon of hope, offering individuals and investors a pathway to sustainable living and unparalleled value.

A few days ago, the National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) announced an upward review of electricity tariff which increased the tariff paid by electricity consumers by over 200 percent, this is however for consumers classified under Band A who enjoy up to 20 hours power supply daily.

One such company offering hope to Nigerians is Growthill Prime Investment Limited, an emerging player in the real estate sector, which is poised to revolutionise the real estate landscape by harnessing the power of sustainable energy, a mix of renewable energy, gas and the grid.

The company says it stands ready to provide not only homes, but also peace of mind and ease of living.

“Investing in Growthill isn’t just about financial returns; it’s about investing in a brighter, greener future, where sustainability and success go hand in hand. Join us in our mission to create a more sustainable and future-ready living for all,” Abdullahi Toyin, the company’s CEO, said in a statement at the weekend.

According to him, Growthill stands as a bedrock for sustainable real estate development, explaining that the company not only constructs homes, but also crafts ecosystems that embrace ecological responsibility. The organization’s defining policies of unmatched quality and prompt delivery underscore its commitment to customer relations in the challenging yet promising real estate market.

In its position as a vanguard in developing sustainable communities in Nigeria’s thriving real estate sector, Growthill emerges as a significant player focused on developing energy-efficient homes. It is poised to set new boundaries by ensuring good returns on investment (ROI) while redefining the ethos of sustainable living.

The company boasts global talent and local impact which explains why its foray into energy-efficient homes transcends mere innovation which is a testament to its global perspective. By leveraging top-tier talent from around the world, Growthill is committed to crafting residences that stand as icons of sustainability, not only in Nigeria but across Africa.

The company’s commitment to redefining sustainable living defines its vision. “Our commitment to the development of top-notch energy-efficient abodes goes beyond construction; it is a pledge to redefine the very essence of sustainable living,” Ibrahim Hamza, the company’s chief technical officer, affirmed.

The company believes in research and development as a cornerstone. The deployment of this R&D at its offices and research hubs in Lagos and the FCT shows a pivotal move. “This approach exemplifies our dedication to delivering world-class energy-efficient homes, poised to reshape the real estate narrative in Nigeria and beyond through an unwavering commitment to excellence,” Hamza explained.

He explained further that Growthill’s investment in R&D aligns with global goals and resonates with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 11, which focuses on making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable. It is a testament to the organization’s dedication to progress.

According to him, the company’s policy effort is a strategic move to advance the sector by improving existing discoveries, forging broader domestic and foreign partnerships, and achieving new milestones.

Beyond the confines of traditional real estate development, Growthill positions itself as an ‘architect of joy and wealth’ which, Hamza said, is a vision elucidated by Toyin, extending beyond the physical structures. “We aim to create communities where residents thrive emotionally, socially, and financially,” Hamza said.

Transparency and prosperity are also part of the company’s business ethos. The company believes that trust is the foundation of successful partnerships, adding that, for potential investors, this means a clear view of its financial health, project pipelines, and anticipated returns.

As an emerging player in Nigeria’s real estate sector, Growthill says it aims to set new standards in housing development by spearheading revolutionary approach to building energy-efficient homes that goes beyond smart building and promises good returns on investment (RoI).

That approach, the company says, means a commitment to redefining sustainable living that involves deploying top-tier global talents to craft energy-efficient residences for Africa and Africans.

The company understands the importance of investing in energy research and collaborating with stakeholders to advance research applications in housing. Hamza disclosed that Growthill is poised to make a significant impact through its commitment to innovation in energy-efficient home development, introducing innovative investment products, and ensuring the highest return on investment not yet seen in the sector.