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Grenadines Homes excites luxury real estate buyers with Summer Offer


Notwithstanding the slowdown in the economy, the property market in Nigeria occasionally gives home buyers reasons to cheer. As a result of relative lull and low demand in the market, product suppliers are, increasingly, becoming more creative and innovative in their offerings.

Besides product differentiation which gives developers competitive edge with product quality and efficiency, buyers have also enjoyed other incentives that come in different shapes and sizes, quality and even quantity.

The most recent of such offerings is coming from Grenadines Homes (Member of Palton Morgan Holdings), one of Nigeria’s leading names in luxury real estate development. The icing on the cake is what the company calls ‘Summer Offer’ which is tied two of its luxury developments—The Paramount Twin Towers and Claren Villas— located in Oniru in VI, and Lugard Avenue in Ikoyi respectively.

Summer Offer is Grenadines Homes marketing strategy that gives home buyers instant Gold Card worth $10,000 when the buyer makes an initial deposit of N48 million for the purchase of an apartment from either Paramount Twin Towers or Claren Villas.

The Paramount Twin Towers is a unique development that will take luxury living to a new level of sophistication. It offers a unique blend of safe and secure community living that will make its residents feel at home right next to the Atlantic Ocean.

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“Grenadines Homes is giving this offer as a way of pepping up the market and putting money back in the pocket of our customers. The offer is a promo that will be valid for a period of 4 weeks, starting from August 14 to September 15,” Mumtaz Zaidi, Group CMO, Palton Morgan Holdings, explained during a media chat.

“The minimum amount to be paid to qualify for the offer is N48 million (Forty-eight million naira only), but this entry amount does not cover the cost of a unit as it is only an initial deposit; the full price of a preferred product will be made available to the buyer on inquiry,” he explained further.

The Gold Card will operate as a usual debit card; so, it can be used anywhere in the world but it cannot be transferred to someone else. It is only valid to every new customer for every new purchase within the summer offer terms.

Mumtaz Zaidi said that the Gold Card of $10000 can be converted to a discount onhis purchase of Paramount Twin Towers or Claren Villas during the promo period. The discount of $10000 is not applicable on initial down payment,but you can avail the discount on subsequent installments.

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Though Gold Card is valid for the period of one year from the day of purchase. He explained that if any of our customer buys2 units in Paramount Twin Towers or Claren Villas, he will be eligible to get 2 Gold Cards of $10000. “Once the card expires, it cannot be renewed or redeemed,” he said.

As a company and a developer of exquisite and luxury real estate, Grenadines Homes (Member of Palton Morgan Holdings), offers the very best in whatever it does, including the quality of its promo and the product it is tied to.

The company is dedicated to reinventing the concept of luxury living in Nigeria and beyond. According to its authorities, the company was founded on the precept of integrity and uncompromising focus on quality over volume, just as it lays down unique homes with utmost attention to details.

The parent company, Palton Morgan Holdings, is luxury personified. It holds majority shares in all its member companies, with interests in various businesses along the real estate value chain. The group supports each member company’s operations through its board of directors. “Our aim is to be the preferred real estate brand in Africa and beyond,” Mumtaz Zaidi disclosed at the media chat.

Palton Morgan commits itself to offer the most valuable and well-planned communities in Nigeria and to drive its projects at ideal speed to deliver all its luxurious projects within delivery timelines.

This explains why its completed and on-going projects are built to international standard. It employs best-in-class building and construction companies, top-notch materials and architectural designs that speak to nothing but quality and luxury.

Recently, the company signed a piling contract with Trevi Foundation for the construction of the Paramount Twin Towers.

Nidal Turjman, the Group Chief Operating Officer at Palton Morgan, emphasized that the company’s vision of becoming the preferred real estate group in Africa was fully aligned with first-class projects that would meet the expectations of the market and unleash the economic potential of Nigeria.

Expectation, according to him, is that “The Paramount Twin Towers would take luxury living to a new level of sophistication, as it offers a unique blend of safe and secure community living that will make its residents feel at home right next to the Atlantic Ocean.”

“To bring these magnificent towers to life, we have carefully selected the best architect, project management team, and contractors to exceed our customers’ expectations. The group’s desire to be the best as the motivation for selecting only the best project managers and contracting companies for their projects,” Nidal Added.

“Palton Morgan is on a mission to lead the real estate sector in Africa with revolutionary ideas and strategies that will fuel great innovations within the Nigerian property market. We are building sophisticated masterpieces and creating new standards for luxury living,” he said.

“The Paramount Twin Towers project is among the most desired urbane projects in the Nigerian luxury real estate segment. When complete, it will be a significant part of our customers’ success stories. So, we have successfully engaged the finest international teams and contractors who have successfully delivered the best iconic projects in the world,” Nidal assured.