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Enhancing business results through knowledge sharing on real estate sector leadership

Enhancing business results through knowledge sharing on real estate sector leadership

Operating in a challenging business environment laced with uncertainties where chances of survival are so lean and dependent on application of sense that is not common, the need for business leaders to frequently gather to network, share knowledge and develop insights cannot be over-emphasised.

A good number of businesses close shop almost immediately after opening and for all the reasons, failure to look beyond today and to set up teams that will enhance business results and also take business success to the next day stand tall.

“Lots of companies don’t succeed over time. What do they do fundamentally wrong? They usually miss the future”, says Larry Page, CEO, Google Inc, corroborating the view that companies fail within the first couple of years because they are so engrossed in today that they fail to make adequate plans for the future and also fail to put in place teams that will carry on today’s success into the future.

Real Estate Leaders’ Network, an initiative of Fine and Country International West Africa, seeks, among other things, to address these failures especially in the Nigerian real estate sector which, though growing, still has challenges that tend to discourage investment in the sector.

When real estate professionals gathered in Lagos recently for the third edition of the Network’s quarterly meeting, the objective was principally to take a critical look at real estate sector and share views on the core essence of leadership and how the continuous growth of the ‘leader’ is fundamental to the success and growth of companies and the sector especially.

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“A leader must not feel he knows it all. He should know his strengths and weaknesses. Leaders must surround themselves with the right team”, Udo Maryanne Okonjo, Fine and Country’s CEO, said to set the tone of the meeting, adding, “this is a point we have taken very seriously in Fine and Country”.

She described the network as a forum for the exchange of information and strategies that would mould and change the face of real estate in Nigeria, emphasizing the need for industry leaders to collaborate and share information in order to increase innovation and growth in the real estate sector.

The network which is a meeting of like-minded leaders in the Nigerian real estate industry is also aimed to create a forum for leaders to network, foster quality business relationships, share knowledge, develop insights and enhance business results.

In attendance at the last meeting hosted by Fine and Country in cozy Lagos office were executives from major real estate firms  including Eko Development Company, Broll Nigeria, Briscoe Properties Limited, James Cubitt Developments, Stanbic IBTC, Imperial Homes Mortgage Bank Plc, Homebase Mortgage Bank Limited, Trustbond Mortgage Bank Plc, and Grand Imperio Group.

“Our objective here is also to share and gain knowledge and develop insight in the ever-changing real estate industry in Nigeria. This forum seeks to shape and change the face of real estate in Nigeria. It is  an episode in a series of events that will be holding every quarter of the year to tackle challenges as threats whilst capitalizing on professionals’ strengths and opportunities in the real estate marketplace”, Udo Okonjo emphasized, pointing out that  Fine and Country was proud to be a part of this informative, leadership-developing and potentially high-yielding business forum.

Speaking on ‘Specialized International Real Estate Transactions’, John Strang, Country Managing Director of Fine and Country, gave insights on ‘The World of ResidenSea’ where the first-of-its-kind luxury residences were built aboard a ship that now sails around the world.

Lola Olaide-Stephen, former Real Estate Portfolio Planner to  Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company (SNEPCo), also spoke on “Corporate Residential Transactions” with emphasis on what blue chip companies looked out for in the leasing or purchasing of property.

Participants also discussed the benefits of technological improvements, its effect on real estate industry, and how important it is for leaders to be flexible and embrace innovation in order to remain effective, profitable and raise industry standards to globally acceptable standards.