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Developer offers investors, home buyers opportunities at Meadows Phase 2

Developer offers investors, home buyers opportunities at Meadows Phase 2

Strategically nestled in the thriving Ibeju-Lekki area, Meadows Phase 2 benefits from its proximity to rapidly developing infrastructure. Surrounding this enclave are breathtaking attractions such as Jara Beach, one of Lagos’s picturesque waterfronts, and Lakowe Resorts, boasting a serene 18-hole championship golf course. Additionally, the soon-to-be-completed Lekki-Epe International Airport, slated to become a hub for international travel and commerce in Nigeria, further enhances the allure of this vibrant location.

Meadows Phase 2 stands out in the real estate landscape as a symbol of reliability and trustworthiness. Situated within a meticulously planned community with a government-approved layout, it provides investors with a rare sense of security and tranquility. Beyond being just a real estate venture, this visionary project offers an unparalleled opportunity for both investors and dreamers to adopt a sophisticated lifestyle and achieve lasting prosperity.

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“Mumtaz Zaidi, Group Commercial Director, Palton Morgan Holdingsassures residents of a tranquil haven amidst urban life. Lush greenery and a serene atmosphere create an oasis within the gated community, with security being a top priority,” he affirmed.

Meadows Scheme 2 offers investors not only returns but also significant growth, with a guaranteed capital appreciation of over 100% in just 24 months. Reflecting on the success of Meadows Scheme I, Zaidi highlighted its remarkable 310 percent increase in plot value within two years of launch.

The current project assures investors of significant returns over time, entering the market with a competitive entry price of N27 million per unit plot, accompanied by a 5% booking amount. Additionally, an outright price of only 22M is offered, further enhancing its attractiveness to potential buyers.

In contrast, Meadows Scheme 1 entails installment buyers paying N39 million with a 10 percent booking fee, while outright buyers pay N34 million. Notably, a limited-time offer grants a 10 percent discount on outright purchases or buyback options.

Zaidi emphasized incentives for bulk investors, highlighting the appeal of purchasing in volume. “Investors acquiring 5 units of Meadows Scheme 2 receive a 15 percent discount, while those purchasing 10 units enjoy a 10 percent discount plus one complimentary plot,” he elaborated. Additionally, buyers of a single cluster of 36 plots receive three free plots, further enhancing the attractiveness of bulk purchases.

Furthermore, Meadows Scheme 2 offers buyers the opportunity to personalize clusters, allowing them to name their plots, such as Victoria Court. This feature fosters a sense of ownership within the community.

The scheme comprises 400 plots within the 79-hectare area, catering to diverse needs. Residential plots span about 500 square meters, commercial plots measure 1,000 square meters, and institutional plots extend to around 1,500 square meters.

Meadows Phase 2 epitomizes a tranquil haven amidst the urban bustle, where residents are enveloped in nature’s embrace. Towering trees, lush greenery, and manicured landscapes create an atmosphere of serenity, offering a retreat from the chaos of urban life. It’s a rare opportunity to truly embrace a life of tranquility amidst rapid urban development.

Beyond its natural beauty, Meadows Phase 2 offers amenities that redefine luxury living. From meticulously maintained parks and green spaces to thoughtfully designed recreational areas and state-of-the-art sports facilities, every detail is crafted to enhance the lifestyle of every resident. It’s more than just a residential development; it’s a canvas where dreams find expression.

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Security is a top priority at Meadows Phase 2. As part of a gated community, residents not only enjoy picturesque landscapes but also benefit from robust security measures. This assurance allows them to focus on the joys of life and confidently invest in their future.

Adeyinka Adesope, GMD/CEO, Palton Morgan Holdings and visionary behind the project, sees Meadows Phase 2 as more than just a development—it’s a commitment to fostering a community where prosperity and tranquility coexist. “Meadows is not just a place to live; it’s a canvas where dreams are built, and legacies are crafted,” he envisions.

Anticipation is rising for the current project to exceed its predecessor in terms of value appreciation. Zaidi highlighted that numerous forward-thinking investors have already secured their investments in the right properties, emphasizing, “now is the time for them to sit back and witness their investments flourish.”