• Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Developer offers buyers 30% price slash at Fresh Land Estate


Fresh Forest Group, a real estate development and investment company, is offering opportunity to land buyers and investors at its Fresh Land Estates. The estate, located at Igbesa Road in Ogun State, a few minutes drive from Lusada Market, is offering a price slash to cus­tomers and clients during the Easter period.

Ibidire Adetunji-Lams, the estate developer, disclosed this to BusinessDay recently, that “the 30 percent price slash per plot on the estate’s phase 1 has dropped the price from N1.2 million per plot, normal price to N850,000 per plot, promo price, and will last through out the Easter period.”

According to him, the es­tate, which started in 2010, is estimated to have about 1350 plots of land, and the physical structure in terms of layout and servicing the plot are already in place, such as an internet-based CCTV camera.

Among other projects cur­rently going on is the electrifi­cation and construction of the road network.

The estate currently runs a promo on its phase 11 equal­ly. The promo that will run through the Easter period will offer clients the opportunity to own land for free, only if they refer a specific number of customers to the estate devel­oper, hence instead of paying such client a commission for his effort, he would rather be rewarded with a free plot of land when his commission accumulates to an equivalent within a three month period, said Ibidire.

When BusinessDay visited the estate, it was observed that housing units were cur­rently being built, which the developer said was informed by the estate’s desire to meet the needs of its clients who wish to start residing at the estate soon. Also, housing units were also being built simultaneously by custom­ers who had purchased their plot.

On payment plan, Ibidire said while an outright pay­ment of the current promo price of N850,000 attracts a 10 percent discount, instalment payment was also allowed on the estate’s plan.

According to him, the es­tate also has a diamond sec­tion that costs N2.5 million per plot and will house bigger structures like duplex, while the platinum which costs N3.5 million per plot mea­sures 1000sq metre per plot, and is designed to host man­sions and will enjoy more sophisticated facilities.