• Tuesday, March 05, 2024
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Challenge of providing excellent service in FM


Providing or receiving excellent service is a rare commodity in our society due mainly to the lack of skilled personnel in the various disciplines that exist. Some organizations have however made conscious and deliberate efforts to achieve a high standard of service delivery that have made them earn a reputation of iconic status  despite the environmental, social, economic, and academic challenges around us.  These organizations have become synonymous with a strategy that works and delivers customer satisfaction.

In the still growing facilities management sector, an opportunity presents itself for the service providers to aspire to set a standard of delivering service that defines consistency, timeliness and attention to detail. This is undoubtedly a challenge that we must all face if the FM industry is to attain the level that will earn the trust of the clients and society in general. At the moment, it would seem that the average person does not expect service beyond the ordinary when consideration is given to the unending tales of woe and mediocrity that have become a way of life in our society.

A starting point for facilities managers will be to gather feedback from clients to evaluate performance and determine whether their approach is customer focused. It is from such feedback patterns emerge that deepen insight and understanding of client’s expectations. The resulting impact should be the unexpected extra from the service providers that elevates the overall experience of the clients to a memorable and lasting impression.

Furthermore, the right attitude and mindset of the facilities managers working on-site is clearly paramount and the significance of it cannot be underestimated because it contributes to a customer focus culture with an organisation. An empowered, engaged, motivated workforce is more in tune with the customer’s needs and is more likely to go the extra mile which should translate to a superior customer experience.

It has been argued by some service providers that exceptional service delivery is only possible in selective circumstances associated with budget where the client is high profile. My viewpoint is that budget and expense should have no bearing on service delivery. It is important for the facilities manager to demonstrate how a standout service can raise the profile of the sector and bring confidence to the client.

In the context of facilities management, the personal touches and the little gestures backed by solid efficiency will make service delivery a viable business in the market place.

By:  Tunde Obileye