• Friday, March 01, 2024
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Why I want to run for Edo Governorship – LP aspirant, Tom Iseghohi


Tom Iseghohi, a Labour party (LP) governorship aspirant has said that he wants to succeed Governor Godwin Obaseki in the Edo State gubernatorial election on November 12 in order to ensure good governance, proper management of the vast resources and commensurate infrastructural development in the State.

Iseghohi spoke at the LP secretariat in the State’s capital during his official declaration to vie in the September 21 governorship election, he was optimistic about emerging victorious in the opposition party’s primary election of February 2024.

He insisted that he did not enter the race late, and that he was not worried about the presence of equally-formidable and highly-experienced aspirants on LP’s platform, was received by the Edo Chairman of the party, Comrade Kelly Ogbaloi, who was accompanied by members of his executive, and promised to ensure a level-playing field for all the aspirants.

Iseghohi, who left the Transnational Corporation of Nigeria as the Group Managing Director in 2014, is also the Chairman of Emerging Global Capital, said: “I am applying for a job, not declaring. In a company, it is owned by shareholders. So, I have come to you to apply to be your nominee for the Governor of Edo, a once thriving state, under the visionary leadership of Samuel Ogbemudia’s administration, and later Prof. Ambrose Alli. Now, we find ourselves at a crossroads. The echoes of our glorious past linger, reminding us of a time when our state flourished under the principles of good governance, progress, and justice.

“Then, the Edo person was a strong person; he was hardworking; proud of himself, his family and his community; he was respected; he was a big man just because he was an Edo man; he was successful and happy; loved and protective of his Edo brothers, sisters, mama, papa, pikin and the land.

“At that time, the Edo person thrived on a level-playing field, promoted by good governance, equity and justice. Many multi-national companies rushed to establish in Edo because of these values. The Edo person focused on development and growing his business.

“He did not rely on government or anybody to have dignity and to survive. The economy of the land prospered and provided more than enough jobs and security. At that time, Edo was first in all national competitions. Even in sports, ‘Edo no dey carry last’. This is one thing we knew and were proud of.

“I do not think we should have gone from first to last in so many things. This pains me to my bone marrow. I want to lead a team to return Edo from last back to first. Driven by my vision to restore the legacy of safety and prosperity that our state once enjoyed, I hereby announce my application for the position of Governor of Edo State, and to fulfil all righteousness, I hereby declare my intention to run for Governor of Edo State on LP’s platform.”

The governorship aspirant also said that he had risen to the highest global status, but still from Nigeria and Edo State, while he wanted Edo to be a shiny star to be proud of.

He said: “Although, it is difficult to be proud of Edo State right now, I know how to change the current situation for the better. I have done so in many organizations around the world. Organisations, whose value exceeds $200 billion, 10 times bigger than Nigeria’s budget. I have reformed them to never go down or be broke again. I am a transformation expert, a specialist at rebuilding moribund sleeping giants, whose challenges make Nigeria’s challenges a child’s play.

“I am doing this (vying for Edo governorship), because the hands we have now, have shown that they lack capacity to give us safety, security, infrastructure, unity, education, healthcare, housing and jobs. They have failed abysmally for 24 years, and we must send them packing. I want to put an end to the suffering of my people, and within two to three years, I promise you that you will see an amazing change.

“The old and recycled recurring decimals have tried their best. We supported and gave them time and space to do their best, but we have nothing to show, but poverty, sickness and despair. It is time for them to go home to rest. It is time for us to employ people who know how to do the job, to take over the job. We can no longer tolerate lies, incompetence and failure.

“No one in Edo State should be hungry, unsafe, uneducated, not have protection of the law or be poor, yet we are all poor. The Edo person is one of the best human beings in the entire world. I have travelled in my small way around the world, I know what I am saying. Tell us Edo people the truth, show us the positive path and do not cheat us. Then, you have a partner that will stay with you, no matter what.”

Iseghohi also described Edo indigenes as excellent, smart and loyal people, but lamented that most of the leaders had taken undue advantage of the loyalty, while declaring that the bad leaders must now pack their load, and go home.

“I want to fix Edo State, and I know how to do it. When I become the governor of Edo, you will not recognise what the state has become in just three years. With your support, we can do this. So, I am asking you to join my political family. Go to the website or send to us a WhatsApp message, and we will automatically add you to our political family,” he said.

Iseghohi assured the people that in a few days, he would unveil his proposed contract (manifesto) with Edo residents.