• Sunday, June 16, 2024
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We are in the process of rescuing Nigeria – Na’Abba


A former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ghali Na’Abba has revealed that there were ongoing consultations among some elite politicians toward setting up a new political movement to rescue the country.

In a television broadcast, Na’Abba, who is a co-chairman of the newly formed National Consultative Front, claimed that Nigeria was now a failed state, while describing the current administration as being incompetent and irresponsible.

He listed unemployment, insecurity, economic hardship as some of the areas where the President Muhammadu Buhari administration has failed and proven its incompetence, adding that Nigerians were now poorer and more disillusioned with the state of affairs in the country than at any other period in the history of the country.

“We have had to watch in dismay, shock and disappointment our dear country slide into anarchy. The country is drifting, virtually no sector is working; the rulers seem irresponsible and incompetent,” Na’Abba said.

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According to him, “Unemployment is at unprecedented level and the loss of lives is at a dismay level with scores of Nigerians being killed on a daily basis. Our indebtedness has reached an alarming rate with poor state of social infrastructures. The feeling is that of disillusion, and the feeling among Nigerians is that the days are numbered.”

Speaking further, the former lawmaker said the current state of the country was unacceptable to Nigerians, stressing that it had necessitated the current move by political like-minds to come together to form a new political movement to rescue the country from impending collapse and give succour to Nigerians.

“Our political structure has not been able to rise up to the challenge; it is unacceptable. We would initiate a national political action where the citizens would get their basic needs and fulfill their potentials.

“We as Nigerians of conscience have decided to take urgent action to challenge our unfortunate situation. We the National Consultative Front would commonly pursue the task of rescuing the country from collapse. This would be achieved through nationwide consultation and mobilisation,” he added.