Peterside urges Labour, NNPP, PDP to focus on governorship poll

Founder of ANAP foundation Atedo Peterside has asked supporters of Labour party, NNPP and the People’s Democratic Party, PDP to focus on next week’s gubernatorial election saying no one should resort to violence to protest against INEC and the presidential election results declared by the commission.

In a tweet, Peterside said the supporters “should not focus on the coming governorship elections. INEC has announced the presidential election results and we agree with Bola Tinubu that what is neither right nor defensible is for anybody to resort to violence.”

The state governorship election will hold nationwide on Saturday March 11 and it is expected to be fiercely contested in a number of states.

The outstanding performance of Labour in a number of states means that party leaders will be working hard to get out their supporters to vote.

In Kano, the NNPP should be hoping to capture the governorship seat from the ruling APC and Labour apart from targeting states in the Southeast, will be hoping to put up a fight in Lagos, Plateau, Benue and Delta states on the strength of its showing in the presidential election.

In Oyo state where voters overwhelmingly supported the APC presidential candidate, if that pattern is maintained, the PDP governor of the state could be dislodged. In Rivers state, it will be interesting to see who voters will choose given that APC won the election in the state.

In Kaduna, the PDP which won the presidential election there will be hoping that its candidate will defeat his APC counterpart.

Concerns persist about the election umpire INEC and its malfunctioning BVAS equipment and it is unclear if the turn out will be as low as that recorded in last week’s presidential poll.

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