Peter Obi denies giving N2bn to CAN

Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, has denied ever giving money to the Christian Association of Nigeria. His denial comes on the heels of allegations that he gave N2 billion to the Christian body, which surfaced on the internet last week.

Obi, who was a guest on Channels Television’s “The 2023 Verdict,” was responding to questions regarding his preparation for the election and an opportunity to once again talk to his support base.

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“You know me very well; I don’t even have N2 billion, let alone giving anybody N2 billion,” Obi said. “What am I giving them N2 billion for? They are clergy; they should be praying for the country. They don’t need money to pray. Everybody knows me and the church, and I believe that the clergy has a problem. Their followers are suffering, so they want good governance. So why would I give them money?

“They should give me money to be able to support me in terms of being able to run around for my campaigns and everything because, when I go around for campaigns, I have to pay for transportation and so many other things.

“If anything, I expect the clergy to give me money, not the other way around,” he insisted.

“I can comfortably tell you that I have never given N1 to CAN, and if anybody can trace N1 that Peter Obi has given to CAN, I will stop running.

“I have an allergy to money being wrongly spent,” he added.


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