• Saturday, December 09, 2023
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PDP, APC trade blames in Kogi over destruction of Nigeria’s economy, others

The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kogi State and the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) have pointed fingers at each other over the destruction of Nigeria’s economy and general maladministration.

Debo Ologunagba, PDP national publicity secretary, has described the APC as a special purpose vehicle which was hurriedly put together to defraud Nigerians, saying they have done that.

Kogi State Chairman of the APC, Abdullahi Bello, in response to the PDP observation, described PDP as an assemblage of ungodly people who deserved no response from serious quarters, adding that PDP’s 16 years in power was used in squandering and destroying everything, including themselves.

He also said that PDP has equally told APC to get prepared for imminent defeat in the 2023 general election as Nigerians are overwhelmed by their maladministration.

Ologunagba made the allegation while speaking with journalists in Lokoja, adding that everything in life has expiry date “like we have in NAFDAC numbers.”

“Nigerians have known that APC is a bunch of clueless and incoherent sailors that has taken Nigerians to so much fraud. The question anybody should ask Nigeria now is that are you better six years ago than you are right now? And so the question is obvious,” he said.

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He commended the efforts of PDP and Nigerians who he said we’re resolute in getting the electoral bill passed to recall the actions of PDP where they will get the way charged to encourage Nigerians to insist that we have Electoral Act that has just been passed. What is so important is that it becomes difficult for APC to exhibit its juvenile prowess.

“Again, we have said to Nigerians not to rest on their oars on the basis that we have an electoral act but to know that they can create another evil means and we know they are bringing in new style.

“But we are saying to Nigerians, keep charge of your units; ensure that the votes are counted and when they are counted, ensure that they are transmitted. Because you can only transmit what have been counted. We know they can bring anything; so we are telling Nigerians keep charge; guide your vote, ensure that they are counted and transmitted.”

Speaking on two PDP governors who were alleged to be planning to cross carpet to APC, Ologunagba said that was a speculation.

“There are speculations here and there. And am not sure you can confirm that. You saw the election at the Federal Capital Territory; in Gwari, Kuje and AMAC where people live, PDP won everything there. We have 44 Councillors even with all the manipulations. When we went to rural areas like Gwagwalada, Abaji and they claimed they have won the chairmanship and even at that PDP won six out of 10 Councillors.”

On the issue of zoning, he said PDP has quota that is being reviewed from time to time.

“Like I said to you, PDP has quota; we review our quota from time to time. When the appropriate time comes PDP will come and talk to Nigerians about the quota if there is any need. Right now, every Nigerian that is qualified is entitled to contest,” he said.

“You will see that Nigerians are expecting that PDP will bring Nigeria back to the Promised Land. You see in politics, in democracy it is about giving and taking, it is about reconciliation, it is about discussion and understanding; it is about people agreeing to soften on their personal interest for the general good. Why we are reaching out is for the best interest of the party and of Nigeria not just for our party.

“The level of poverty unleashed on Nigerians in the past six years is unprecedented in the history of Nigeria and our people are tired and have unequivocally resolved to show them the way out in 2023.

“The result of the recent by-election has clearly pointed to the fact that Nigerians have unanimously rejected APC, and PDP is now well-positioned to take over and restore decency back into governance in the country come 2023.

“You can see for yourself the level of insecurity the country has been thrown into, PDP is coming in 2023 to right all the wrongs APC has thrown at us as a nation,” he said.

In his reaction, Kogi State Chairman of the APC, Abdullahi Bello also described PDP as an assemblage of ungodly people who deserved no response from serious quarters, adding that PDP’s 16 years in power was used in squandering and destroying everything, including themselves.

“PDP had the opportunity for 16 years to put things right but squandered and destroyed everything including themselves. What moral justification does the party have to talk about a party through which God has used President Muhammadu Buhari to reposition the country towards greatness?

“PDP stands for destruction, and they lived up to the true meaning of their name by destroying everything including the lives of their unborn children,” Bello said.