• Friday, September 29, 2023
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Otti will improve Abia economy if voted into office, says Elele


Elelenta Nwanbuisi Elele, former president, Ngwa National Association, United States of America (NNAUSA), has advised the electorate in Abia State, especially those of Ngwa extraction, to drop partisan politics and vote for Alex Otti, the governorship candidate of the Labour Party (LP) in the state, whom he said is competent and has the capacity to improve the economy of the state, if voted into office, in the forthcoming general election.

Elele, a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) holder in Engineering Mathematics, observed that Otti, who did well as a banker, will use his wealth of experience to stamp out corruption, which has bedeviled the state for years and improve its economy.

Elele, who spoke after his induction into the advisory board of Aba Film Project, titled ‘The Chronicles of Enyimba’, at his country home in Isiala Ngwa South Local Government Area of Abia State, said that Otti, was not a hungry man, who wants to line his pockets with public funds.

He said that “most of the people that fought against him in 2015, approved his candidacy, but when they noticed he cannot do their bidding, turned against him.

“The truth is that I stand with him, because he’s intelligent and contented.”

On the allegation that Otti is not an Ngwa indigene, Elele said: “Otti was born in our land here; his father was born here, as well, and his grandfather was equally born here. People were busy narrating all manner of stories about his origin. Please, is there anybody who doesn’t have a migrational history?

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“He attended his early school here, attended Ngwa High School for his secondary school, went to University of Port Harcourt and did so well in school.”

He further said that it was important to elect a leader who is wise and knowledgeable. “That was what we saw and said that this our brother is well learned. When I talk about knowledge, I’m not just talking about mere University degrees. Most people have certificates, but what I’m talking about here is native intelligence, which the Ngwa nation calls ‘Akatikor.’”

He said that Otti knows the problem of Abia State and is coming to serve and not to steal.

“He was born here, got his early education here, lived here and still lives here with us. There’s nothing you’ll give him that’s going to make him betray the trust of our people.

“What can the PDP show for the many years they’ve been ruling Abia State? Whoever says that the PDP has been good to Abians, let such a person go ahead to vote for the PDP again and accept whatever consequences at the end together with their families.

“Whoever thinks that what PDP has done in Abia is good, let them vote for them, but all those who are truly tired of the mess in Abia should do the needful, which is to vote out the PDP.

“I’m not saying that Otti is God who can solve all problems; however, I trust him. I’ve told him clearly that God may have not given him the governorship seat of Abia State in 2015 and 2019, because he wanted to show or teach him something.

“Just like the iron is put on the fire before it’ll be hit by the blacksmith to get the shape he wants, I’m sure God has made something out of Otti since and he must have learnt a lot more and even more ready now to deliver Abia. God has shown him eight years of another person’s leadership, so that he can learn from their errors and do things better,” he stated.

‘The Chronicles of Enyimba’ according to Francis Ifekandu, chief executive officer, Anaedo Film Production Company, is aimed at showcasing the creativity of Aba and restoring the lost glory of the entertainment business in the historic city, where Nollywood started.