• Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Obi, Atiku, ejaculatory permutations and Hichilema’s sermon on impunity

2023 elections behind, Atiku hosts Peter Obi, in Abuja

In Nigeria, meaning is read into every movement made by politicians. The raging permutations arising from Peter Obi’s recent visit to Atiku Abubakar is in that hue. But it is too early to expect any meaningful and reasonable alignment and realignment of forces by politicians. In faraway Zambia, President Hakainde Hichilema pointedly told Nigerian politicians that “impunity does not help.” The question is, will they hear?

Obi’s visit to Atiku and ejaculatory permutations

Despite the explanations given by Peter Obi’s media aide, Yunusa Tanko, on the reasons for the recent visit of the Labour Party (LP)’s presidential candidate in the last general election to former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, riotous and ejaculatory permutations have continued to erupt.

Tanko had said that the state of the nation and the plight of the poor were the reasons behind the visit.

Obi simply needed to galvanise others to see how to provide a shadow government.

Since the new administration took off in May last year, Atiku and Obi have been up and doing in providing voice for the voiceless.

Policies of the government, particularly the ones critics have dubbed, “anti-people” have not escaped Atiku and Obi’s attention.

The permutations have tended towards 2027 general election. Some people are already insinuating that there could be a fresh alliance between the Waziri of Adamawa and Okwute. But it is too early to go into such mental torture over whether or not such would happen. What is true, however, is that the supporters of Peter Obi would not allow him to go into an alliance that would make him play a second fiddle in 2027. The thinking is that going by his superlative outing in the last general election, the future is bright for him.

Moreover, after the current President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu must have rounded off his tenure, whether in 2027 or 2031, the usual attrition war for power shift would resume between the North and South.

With Tinubu from the South in the saddle now, the North would insist it is their turn for power to return to North. At that time, the South East, would also continue to kick, and it would be akin to committing a hara-kiri for Peter Obi to contemplate on running on a ticket as a vice presidential candidate to a northerner.

Mind you, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has not told any body that he is no longer interested in trying his luck again at the highest office in the land.

At that time, if Peter Obi stays through to his integrity, and the aura he exudes continues to charm Nigerians, many would prefer him to any other person that would arise for such position.

What the current administration of Tinubu may do or fail to do in the next one year, may go a long way in helping the Nigerian populace to make up their mind on Jagaban’s desirability for re-election or otherwise.

I hear an audible voice saying, but abysmal performance did not deny President Muhammadu Buhari a re-election. Yeah. But times have changed.

Something tells me that such may not repeat itself in 2027 if the scenario presents itself again.

Back to the Obi’s visit to Atiku. Recall that a lot of bad blood haemorrhaged, and intemperate statements oozed out from those who posed as supporters of both politicians, as soon as Obi left the umbrella association, and during the general election.

The visit was the first official meeting the duo have had since the controversial election last year.

It may be naïve for anybody to begin to imagine Obi or Atiku dropping their presidential ambition for the other. At least, there is no indication to that effect at the moment.

Wining a presidential election is not a tea party. You have got to have a lot of money to do so. Depending on party funding or crowd-funding may not do the magic either. Crowd-funding can help if the product is saleable as in the case of Peter Obi who came close to clinching the mantle despite his “We no dey give shishi” mantra.

Whatever analysts and critics have said about the genesis of the crisis that arose in the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), over the Presidential ticket of the party, it was believed by many that it was only Atiku that could have mustered the financial muscle to contest that election.

The party had been in limbo for eight years and had suffered financial asphyxiation, except the then Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike, who was carrying the party on his back, the reason he nearly appropriated the party, believing its life and death must be determined by him.

Truth be told again, it was only Atiku that could muster the war chest to do battle with Tinubu, whose wealth some analysts had regarded as bottomless pit (inexhaustible).

So, for the coming general election in 2027, let no man deceive you- Atiku is interested; Peter Obi is also interested.

It is therefore, very ejaculatory for anyone to conclude that the former Anambra State governor has considered himself a political Lilliputian as to doubt his capabilities in the next three years from now. Haba!

Politicians and impunity: Go to Zambia and learn wisdom from Hichilema

The word ‘impunity’ has lost its meaning in Nigeria. On a regular basis, citizens’ rights are trampled upon by the very individuals they elected into power. Often times, you hear public office holders brag, “do you know who I am?” But they are supposed to be the people’s servants. They appropriate to themselves everything that should go round to everybody. You hear some news, you want to suffer heart attack, because you imagine how could that be possible? One individual is being accused of stealing over N80 billion public funds! This is not the first time in Nigeria. Some people had stolen more than that in the past, and they are walking the streets as free men today. People have stolen their own country dry. While Nigeria is decaying, infrastructure rotting away because of lack of maintenance, some private individuals are flourishing from stolen wealth. Here, wives and children of public office holders are above the law. Do you talk about Nigerian president? He is the law. Laws are not made for him. But, in countries well-governed, laws that apply to one, apply to all irrespective of status in society.

In a video that has gone viral, President Hakainde Hichilema of Zambia reminded public office holders that they are not different from any other citizen and that God remains the ultimate ruler. Below are the words of a leader with the heart of gold:

“The Lord has not recognised who is a politician; the Lord has not recognised who is the leader of a political party; the Lord has not recognised who is what…The Lord simply recognises a human being who should operate within the rule of law. You don’t transgress the law; you don’t cross the line; don’t say you cannot be arrested; the police cannot get to you because you are the leader of a political party. No. No. No.

“My wife, myself and my children cannot go to a public place and start attacking people because I am the President of Zambia. The Lord has not allowed that. The Lord has not allowed me to steal. The Lord has not recognised who is the child of a head of state; he does not recognise who is the son of a minister, or a child of the chairman of a political party. We are Zambians, one nation, one people. The Lord has not recognised who your father is; who your mother is; where you were born; what language you speak.

If you contravene the law; the law and the police will come in. It does not matter who you are; that because my wife is the wife of the President, she can go and insult fellow women; no. The law will visit her. I tell my wife; you must behave well. Behave correctly; don’t break the law because the law will visit you; the police will come and send you a callout. I tell my children, behave properly in the community there, because, when you break the law, you cannot run to me as my son or my daughter; the law will visit you; so, behave yourselves.

“The Inspector General of police, there is no label on anyone’s forehead to say this one can break the law with impunity. If you are a leader of a political party, behave yourself; behave within the law; that’s all. As I am the leader of the United Party for National Development (UPND), I must behave myself; I must behave myself as the President of Zambia. I must lead by example.”