• Saturday, March 02, 2024
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Fubara releases funds to Wike-backed lawmakers, says agreement not death sentence

Rivers: APC faction urges Fubara to rebuild state

Sim Fubara, governor of Rivers State says he has released funds to the 27 breakaway members of the Rivers State House of Assembly (RSHA) known as Wike-backed lawmakers. He said the Aso Rock agreement he signed to bring the crisis in the state to an end is no death sentence as most persons have declared.

He said the release of funds followed the withdrawal of the purported impeachment notice in accordance with the Aso rock Agreement (ARA).

Fubara said the terms were not as grievous as most persons have made it to appear, but admitted that those kicking against it were genuine.

The governor spoke during a statewide broadcast on Christmas Day. A group of Rivers elders have already taken the president (and some others including Fubara) to an Abuja Federal Court saying they breached the constitution in signing that agreement.

Fubara said: “As a principal participant in the entire saga, I have taken some time to study the terms therein and have come to the conclusion that the Peace Pact is not as bad as it is being portrayed by those genuinely opposed to it. It is certainly, not a death sentence. It offers some way towards a lasting peace and stability in our dear State.

“Accordingly, I reaffirm my acceptance of the Presidential Peace Proclamation and my commitment to implementing both the spirit and letters of the declaration in such a way and manner that will restore political stability to our dear State without compromising the collective interest of our people and our cherished and shared democratic values.”

Already, he noted, both parties have demonstrated some good faith in the implementation process with the withdrawal of the purported impeachment notice on their part, and the release of hitherto withheld allowances of the members of the State House of Assembly by the Government.

“I have said before, there is no price too much to pay for peace. And with the realization that the worst peace is better than the best war, we will strive to make peace with all segments and interest groups without surrendering our freedom nor jeopardizing the interest and well-being of the good people of Rivers State who graciously entrusted us with their cherished mandate,” he added.

“I assure you that we will in the face of every challenge always consult widely and confidently tow such part that will best advance and protect the collective interest of our State and people, which is what we have resolved to do in the present circumstances.”

He craved the kind understanding of the citizens and called on them to have confidence in the process being embarked upon to find lasting peace in the State. “We are confident that we can achieve stability and progress without endangering the collective interest of our people.”

As part of compliance, he insisted on continuity as the philosophy of his administration, and thus reiterated that nothing would constrain him from his path in his commitment to providing a steady flow of the dividends of democracy in all positive ramifications to the people.

“I most heartily thank all the good people of Rivers State and all men and women of goodwill, even those beyond our shores, for the massive love and support we have received and continues to enjoy before and during the recent travails that challenged the peace of our State and stability of our Government.

“Let me also use this opportunity to express our profound gratitude to our dear President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, HIs Excellency, President Asiwaju Bola Tinubu GCFR, for wading into the near crisis situation that almost punctuated the prevailing peace in our dear State.

“Indeed, by this singular effort, our dear President has demonstrated that he loves Rivers State and cherishes nothing short of a reign of perfect peace in our State with his Presidential Peace Proclamation on the 18th of December 2023.”

On the essence of Christmas, Fubara, an Anglican Knight, said the realities indicate the two very unique qualities the Almighty God expects the entire mankind to emulate: simplicity and humility.

“Therefore, on this special occasion let us all remind ourselves of the major teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ: selflessness, love for one another, and the inexhaustible will to forgive one another.”