• Sunday, February 25, 2024
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APC unveils suspected election material collusion in Kogi

The Kogi State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has leveled serious accusations against the State Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC), Hale Gabriel Longpet, and the SDP candidate, Murtala Yakub Ajaka, alleging plans to tamper with electoral materials from the November Governorship Election.

The APC alleges evidence of collusion, including leaked text messages indicating an attempt to bribe INEC officials for an inspection exercise.

Kingsley Femi Fanwo, the APC’s Spokesperson, expressed concern over the leaked text messages allegedly from the REC to INEC officials. Fanwo stated, “This exposes an unholy alliance between the REC and the SDP candidate’s legal team, raising alarming questions about the integrity of our electoral process.”

Highlighting the alleged compromised relationship, the APC’s statement emphasised the content of the leaked messages, where the REC purportedly conveyed the SDP’s willingness to sponsor logistics for the inspection.

According to the APC, this financial support for official processes cast doubt on the REC’s impartiality.

Fanwo pointed out, “Despite an ongoing legal motion to set aside the inspection order, the REC appears to have proceeded with organising the inspection, disregarding due legal processes and the pending court decision.”

In response to these allegations, the APC called on INEC to halt the inspection pending the court’s ruling on the motion.

The party demanded disciplinary actions against the REC for alleged compromise and urged his suspension or redeployment pending a thorough investigation.

The allegations have raised concerns among the populace about the fairness of the electoral process in Kogi State.

The situation emphasises the need for swift and decisive action by electoral authorities to maintain public trust in the integrity of elections.

The APC’s allegations of collusion between the REC and the SDP candidate have ignited apprehension regarding the manipulation of electoral materials.

Their plea for immediate intervention from INEC seeks to uphold the sanctity of the electoral process in Kogi State, underscoring the importance of impartiality and transparency in electoral governance.