Anambra poll: I will tackle insecurity, unemployment first as governor – Maduka

Governorship Candidate of Accord Party, Godwin Maduka, has said he would first tackle insecurity, hunger and unemployment if given the opportunity to serve the people of Anambra State.

Maduka said that he had taken his time to study the socio-economic situation of the state, hence, his resolve to start with the trio if elected. He said that he was better positioned to manage the economy of the state compared to others.

“One of the first things I am going to engage in is to ensure there is food in the stomach of Ndi Anambra. Most people are dying of hunger. So, it is one of the first things I will tackle. Once your hunger is under control, then you can talk about other things. It is called social welfare.

“Everybody knows that we have the issue of insecurity. If you eat and then you come out but you’re not secure, what life is in there? So, we will battle insecurity,” he said.

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Maduka who was addressing a campaign rally ahead of the November 6 gubernatorial election in Anambra State, said: “How do you battle insecurity? You make sure that all the forces are in place. We also need to know why there is insecurity. The people will also need to know. I will engage them in a dialogue and find solution to it.

“I will construct roads and create employment opportunities for our youths and women. You give them food to eat. You let them come out and be secure. If you do that, they will still have something to do with their time.

“How do you create employment? There are so many things we will be doing. If you’re constructing roads, you are creating employments, if you’re building schools, there is employment opportunity for teachers, and so on and so forth.”

Meanwhile, the Maduka campaign team has paid a courtesy visit to the palace of HRH, Igwe Alfred Achebe.

The pain doctor and philanthropist used the opportunity to intimate the Royal family, Cabinet Chiefs, entourage and other visitors on his vision and reason for being in the race. He insisted on the need for the populace to consider the antecedents of the individual who they intend to give their vote.

He highlighted the need to look at what the candidate has been able to do as an individual or private sector operator before seeking the responsibility to do more. He explained his template for revamping Anambra and building it to the “state of our dreams”.

He gave a detailed 10-point agenda, which will simultaneously develop all sectors within the state and informed the audience on the need for Anambra State to attain political freedom, which in turn is the actual basis of democracy.

He said the major aim of his visit was to obtain the royal blessing and authority from the Royal Father to reach out to the people during campaign, as any noble man will first “seek the audience of the Head before reaching to his/her subordinate”.

Igwe Achebe and the Chairman, Anambra State Traditional Rulers Council welcomed the Accord Party candidate and expressed great pleasure and optimism in his 10 point agenda. He agreed to his ideas regarding the terms of supporting a candidate with evidence and stressed the need for the practice of true democracy.

He extolled Maduka for his philanthropic gestures and stated that he is the kind of man needed to make Anambra better. Speaking as a fellow chemist, like Godwin Maduka and one who soared high abroad at the peak of his profession, he emphasised the need for Okosisi Orumba to continue and elaborate his already started “Aku luo uno” (Bring Wealth Home) philosophy.

He encouraged him not to get weary or distracted by things happening around but to place more focus on youth development and empowerment when he eventually becomes governor.

He gave his royal blessings and prayed for God’s guidance on the team throughout the campaign and election proper.

The cabinet chiefs and the women group also gave their blessings and pledged their support to the Godwin Maduka campaign.

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