• Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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ADC’s Abejide applauds Bello’s achievements in Kogi

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In a diplomatic move, Leke Abejide, the African Democratic Congress (ADC) candidate in Kogi State’s November 11 governorship election, visited Governor Yahaya Bello on Sunday to extend congratulations for the peaceful election.

Representing Yagba Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Abejide commended Bello’s achievements and publicly endorsed the governor-elect, Ahmed Usman Ododo.

During the visit, Abejide emphasised the importance of accepting election results and transitioning from politics to governance, expressing his commitment to supporting Ododo for the benefit of Kogi State residents.

“Your Excellency, let me congratulate my brother, Ahmed Usman Ododo, the governor-elect of our dear state once again. We all ran a good race and we also believe that at the end of it, only one candidate will emerge and we have Ododo as that candidate today. My participation in politics is about the people, and once elections are over, all issues around it must be put behind to forge a progressive administration.

“The interest of our people supersedes that of individuals. I will support Ahmed Usman Ododo to succeed in the interest of our people,” he said.

Abejide praised the governor-elect for his efforts in promoting peace and tranquility.

He acknowledged that the governor-elect’s success in the 2023 election was attributed to his skill in communicating and building a diverse team.

Governor Bello, welcoming the gubernatorial candidate to his Abuja residence, underscored the significance of unity in harnessing the state’s extensive potential.

Reflecting on the abundance of natural and human resources bestowed upon Kogi by God, he warned that without unity, it could become a proverbial scenario of “when two brothers fight, strangers will inherit their property.”

Governor Bello praised Abejide for engaging in politics with a positive spirit, emphasising that Ododo, set to be inaugurated in a week, would need the support of every citizen for success.

The governor-elect highlighted the importance of collective efforts from all stakeholders for the consolidation and continuity of good governance in Kogi State.

He urged everyone to consider the state’s development as a shared responsibility.