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2023 Election: Senator calls for equity

2023 Election: Senator calls for equity

Sam Egwu, first civilian governor of Ebonyi state, and the senator representing Ebonyi North zone in the Senate, yesterday said supporting zoning in Ebonyi will ensure a peaceful election in the state come 2023 general election.

Senator Egwu spoke in his country home, Umuebe Ezzangbo, Ohaukwu local government area of the state during a Christmas party he organization for members of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

The senator who maintained that PDP is anchored on justice and fairness advocated for equity in the politics of the state.

According to him, PDP is where everybody is recognized both big and small ones, no one oppresses the other and this is why Ebonyi remains PDP State.

Egwu said that when he and a few Ebonyians joined PDP over two decades ago, some members of the defunct All Nigeria People’s Party (ANPP) described PDP as the party for the young ones who did not know about politics but because their decision was divine, he never bothered until PDP became a ruling party in Ebonyi State.

“From that period till the last general election, PDP had won every seat starting from Local Government Areas to the Federal Level” he explained.

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“At the end of my last tenure in 2007, almost everyone became interested in the position, and based on the situation, I appealed that a procedure should be followed to enable each zone to know its turn.

“It is on this arrangement that Elechi emerged from Ebonyi Central Zone, thereafter, we advocated for the South but some people kicked against it on the ground that the people of the South will suppress us but we insisted because we believe in equity and coupled with the fact that coming together of some persons who were maltreated at Enugu and Anambra States and those who have a similar experience under Abia State is divine” he added.

He explained that it was based on the notion that they decided to accommodate one another and thereby vigorously campaigned for the South Zone through which Umahi became the governor till now.

“So since the principal had gone round, the power should go back from where it started to maintain the trend.

“Ebonyi North Zone has waited for sixteen years and therefore the people are to produce the next governor, I have shared the same view before now and I was supported by Elechi and I am sure that the present government will also do the same because anything contrary will not be ideal for the state” he explained.

The former governor advised that any deviation from the usual zoning formula would jeopardize the system and cause a situation where Abakaliki Zone (North and Central) with their numerical strength would begin to produce governors at will.

“Go and mark my word, anything contrary will result to a situation where the governorship will be between the North and the Central Zones, which will not augur well, that is why I am appealing that the right thing should be done, justice, fairness, and equity.

“Ebonyi North zone, let us support PDP because it is our Party and by the grace of God, in 2023, Izzi man will become the next governor of Ebonyi State.”