• Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Yes, you can save money on fuel


The pump price of fuel currently at N97.00 per litter is telling on the budget of many people and many homes particularly the small salary earners. To worsen the situation is the long hour’s motorists spend on the road because of poor traffic situation, and in the process use more fuel that ought not to have been used. Therefore, many are concerned about the heavy burden of fuel consumption on their budget, and have considered the option of dropping their cars for public transport.

But having seen that it’s not a possible solution given that it’s more of a necessity than luxury, the question now is: How can people save fuel on their car?

Experts say this is an interesting topic to address because people are upset over high fuel prices, but they often aren’t willing to do anything to change its effect on their bank account. Fuel is a large monthly cost for my wife and me, but will we stop using it? No. That wouldn’t be a plausible solution. There are, however, some other options to consider, says Pettersen, a financial expert said.

Better fuel mileage

Better yet, no fuel mileage? New electric cars have hit the market to mixed reviews; some recommend them, while others are quick to point out their flaws. There are several issues with electric cars, such as a lack of charging stations and the short duration of charges.

Hybrid cars use a combination of gas and electricity to power the vehicle. These can save significant amounts of gas, offering a great middle ground alternative. One downside is that these cars are expensive, and they’ll definitely take some time to pay you back at the pump.

Less driving

Public transportation comes in many forms. There are public buses, BRT Buses, /or subways. These are typically offered at a monthly rate and can save you a lot in fuel money. Saving money and not having to drive are some significant advantages. These alternate forms of transportation are only offered on a certain schedule, however, so you won’t be able to pick your exact travel times. Biking and walking can save money and are also excellent for your health.

Car pooling

Splitting up driving with coworkers or friends can go a long way. Instead of driving to work every day, why not find a coworker who lives nearby? This would save you half of the fuel it costs to go to work. It’s that easy. Though you’ll sacrifice some travel time freedom, it won’t be nearly as much as with public transportation.

You don’t have to limit ride shares to work, either; if you’re going to the same place as someone who lives nearby, it’s always more environmentally and fiscally intelligent to carpool.