• Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Why you might want to avoid end-of-season sales


We’re in the market for some new patio furniture, so we thought now was the right time to go shopping. After all, it’s the end of the summer season, and retailers are looking to get rid of their inventory before the fall. A major furniture company was even advertising 50 percent off all outdoor furniture.

We went to several major retailers, including Walmart, Target, Costco, Sam’s Club, and the aforementioned furniture store — but we came home empty handed. Each store had very little to choose from, and what they did have was cheaply made, unattractive, or damaged.

“I guess that’s what we should’ve expected,” I told my wife, adding: “This is all the stuff that’s been sitting here all summer that nobody wanted.”

Why pre-season sales might be better

On our way home, I thought out loud, telling my wife why it’d be better to wait until spring to buy new patio furniture anyway:

Pre-season sales: There are two time frames when shoppers can get great deals on seasonal items: before, and after. Next spring’s deals should be about the same as those offered now.

Better selection: Retailers flood their inventory at the beginning of the season, so the selection is never better. Instead of all the strange and poorly made items left at the end, you get to choose from a full range of the newest products.

No storage needed: When I buy something new, I like to put it together and use it immediately. But, if you buy something at the end of the season, you likely will be putting it in storage for several months.

Though we were looking for patio furniture, the same concept applies for all seasonal goods, including clothes, landscaping products, or snowblowers. If you can find a great deal on a great product at the end of a season, by all means, take advantage of it. But if you have any doubts, hold off until the beginning of the next season. Chances are you’ll have much better luck finding what you want.