• Tuesday, March 05, 2024
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Why men don’t tell their wife truth about money


Most people simply aren’t truthful with their spouses or partners when it comes to money matters. In fact, nearly half of individuals in Nigeria admitted to hide money from their spouse or to engage in secret spending.

Financial experts have long cautioned against such financial secrecy. After all, if you want honesty, open communication, and trust in a marriage, keeping money-related secrets is a fast way to ruin all of that. Nevertheless, I personally suggested that there are a few times when you actually should hide money from your spouse.

I think this is an important issue because I still wonder up till now why a man will not allow his wife to know anything about his salary. To be frank, women always find it easy to tell their husbands the amount they earn and majority of men will not.

And the funniest thing is that on that day that you tie the knot the pastors or imam used to tell both the husband and wife not to keep secrets from each other. If that is the case, is keeping your salary secret from your wife not a secret?

In the days past husband use to hide the amount they collect as salary from their wife, but in modern days they don’t because both party work pari-passu in bringing up their children financially and other money related issues. In fact most marriages now, husband doesn’t hide the amount they earn from their wives.

If it happens that a man is not telling his wife about his financial status it may be the wife is not working or she is a full-time house wife. But if both are working it takes no effort for them to know each other’s salaries. How are they going to plan and invest for the future if both of them do not know the amount they earn at the end of the month?

The reason why some men hide their salary from their wife is to avoid their wife from demanding money from them because some women are fond of demanding until the money is finished. This only happens when the wife is not working anyway!, and has to depend on the husband for every kobo she spends.

Sometimes this also happens between both couple the situation whereby they don’t tell their friend the amount they receive as salary that is understood but not telling your wife your salary doesn’t make sense sometimes. She may find it very difficult to trust you since you cannot confide in her. This will not allow the couples to make plans and budget together for the betterment of the family.