• Friday, May 24, 2024
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The billionaires DNA


According to Forbes magazine there are currently 1,645 Dollar billionaires out of a population of 7 billion which is 1 billionaire for every 4 million persons. These exceptional achievers must be really special or extraordinary?  Well not really. These men and women have been able to establish and develop the DNA for extraordinary fortune hence their success.

They are ordinary people who have turned lives and fortunes around doing things in an extraordinary way. This extra comes from having a billionaires DNA which can be developed and nurtured by almost anyone, anywhere. So what makes up this DNA?

The first component of the Billionaires DNA is Possibility thinking. The rich and successful develop themselves never to take no for an answer. Impossibility really is not a word in their vocabulary or dictionary. This is why when others see obstacles they see bridges and in the end they triumph. Every success story is full of instances where they triumphed over challenges.

Secondly they have an extremely high problem solving mentality. Money literally is a reward for solving problems. Bill Gates solves information problems, Warren Buffett solves money problems while Aliko Dangote solves food and shelter problems. When you consider that billions have the problems that these 3 men solve then no wonder they are extremely wealthy.

Another important component in the billionaires DNA is their generosity. They give extensively to lots of worthy causes trying to make the society a better place. They have made so much then they turn around to give some of it away. There is truth in the saying that he who gives will always get more.

Ideas rule the world. The world still has need of better improved inventions, products and services. Ideas are the currency that can be converted to wealth and fortune. Billionaires thrive on innovation and are always on the lookout for it. Once these innovations can be developed they take it to the market place and exchange it for wealth. Thus innovation and ideas are part of their DNA.

The fifth component of the Billionaires DNA is their appetite for risk. The greater the risk the greater the reward. They are always ready to risk their fortunes, reputations on the next big idea or trends.

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Finally billionaires are quick to accede to the fact that they do not know everything. They do not need to. Instead they build thriving and successful teams of advisers and partners who assist in making making their plans successful and create wealth for them as well. Every billionaire has a team around working on ideas, no wonder they succeed.

The good news is that you too can exchange your DNA for that of the billionaire’s. Practicing and imbibing these attributes will set you up for wealth in the not too distant future. Don’t withhold my commission for introducing these insights to you!

Kenneth Doghudje