• Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Simple steps to make your laptop run faster


I hate using a slow laptop and I strongly believe you do too. If you should find that yours has been running slowly lately, you may be starting to get annoyed with it.  Often, you do not know what to do but the lag is just driving you nuts – it happened to a friend who works as a medical translator, and he just wants his laptop to run faster!

Even if you are not someone who is technologically savvy, you can easily do simple things to get your laptop running faster like it used to when you bought it newly. If you want to know how you can go about making your laptop run faster, here are a few ideas for you to try out.

Clean up your laptop

If your laptop is running slower than it usually does, the first thing that you will want to do is to perform a disk cleanup. A disk cleanup is a process of getting rid of those junk files on your computer that you do not need anymore. Go through your short term Internet files stored in your browser and get them cleared out. Clear out your recycle bin and even go through and delete files and folders that you do not need anymore.

You will also want to delete your offline files. All of these things are taking up unnecessary memory and by deleting them; you will notice your computer running faster. If you want to make your computer faster, you should also delete your cookies, browser cache and your browsing history. You will want to check your computer for any malware or spyware that may be on it.

Scan your computer

Computer viruses are known for making computers run so much slower than usual. Get an effective antivirus program and check your computer at least weekly for these little troublemakers. If you have programs that you do not need on your computer, why not remove them? They’re only taking up space and memory, ultimately slowing you down.

Another way to make your computer run faster is to remove unused applications. You will also need to look into a registry cleaner or a repair program to help your computer run faster. Registry cleaners find problems with the registry, fixes them, thereby helping your computer run faster. When you save a lot of things on your computer, they take up a lot of space. If you are someone who likes to go around saving random pictures of anything and everything or you have a ton of downloaded music, make things better for yourself and transfer these things to a USB drive. This will save a lot of space on your computer and allow it to run faster.

No one likes a slow computer, so you should not hesitate to try out this variety of practical ways to make your computer perform faster. The results are amazing, not only will your computer be safer; it will also run much faster.

Culled from: www.pingtechtips.blogspot.com