• Monday, March 04, 2024
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Reduce the chances of money conflicts with our families


Families are great. They are the first ones to come help, and the last ones to leave us when we are in trouble. When we were young, we lived with our families, and we start our very own later on in our lives.

Families however, make money matters even more complicated. Let’s face it, money is important to us, and anything important can potentially create conflicts. Most people enjoy a very good relationship with their families because there are no money conflicts; for others, money (or the lack of) can become a sticky subject.

Most people believe that the lack of money creates conflicts, but having money is just as troublesome. When parents have money, sometimes their children will try to fight for the inheritance, directly or indirectly. This is one of those unfortunate events that we all dislike when we hear it, but we see people do this time and time again. Another example is when our family members are in trouble and we become the “defacto” go to person for free loans.

So, if having money and not having money both creates conflicts, what should we do?

Here’s what I suggest. Although we cannot eliminate conflicts completely, we can drastically reduce the possible fiction points by being able to sustain our own finances. If we cannot stop everyone else from asking us for money, at least we can stop asking others for it. This also means taking the appropriate risks with our finances, and doing our homework so we are prepared for the consequences.

For business owners, this means they expand at a controllable level. For the rest of us, this means that we be responsible and create an emergency fund. Not gambling excessively or buy a house that we never really could avoid (something far too many did the last few years) also comes to mind.

If we don’t need financial help from our family members, I bet our family life will improve too. Money matters, but family matters a great deal too. So create a happy financial situation, and relieve the potential stress it will have on our families’ relationship